AMD64 emulation on ARM64 on Linux (For Pulse Secure)?

We all know about WOW64 on Windows, but is there anything similar for linux?

I am asking because I am considering getting a PineBook Pro, but IDK if I am ready to give up AMD64, specifically because I am a student going into grad school and I would be using this computer day to day.

I understand I can get just about everything I need to done via rdp or ssh into one of my school’s servers if needed, but things I am most worried about being able to connect to my school’s VPN (which is a pulse secure appliance)

Is there a good way to do application-level AMD64 emulation on ARM on Linux?


You could use QEMU user-mode emulation as seen on

If that doesn’t work I’m sure that someone on the Pine64 Matrix/Telegram/IRC/Discord might be able to help you out.

Forgive me for not being too familiar with the isolation provided by chroot, but if I run a vpn client like mentioned above, will the entire system inherit that tunneled connection? Or will that only be available in the chroot session? (because based on how I understand it, the connection will only be available inside the chroot environment)