Is there going to be a successor to the AMD FX-8350 or the the whole FX lineup?


Nobody knows, outside AMD.

They will probably release an excavator based chip on the FM2+ socket. It's really hard to say at this point..most people think the FX 9590 is the last of the lineup.

I think AMD came out and did say their FX-line wasn't dead.

Pretty damn broad, though.  They could release a CPU tomorrow, or 5 years of now, for all we know.

Thank you sorry the post seemed broad. I'm new to computer tech. I want to get into PC gaming.

Nobody knows till now only AMD, but AMD would be stupid if they end theire highend FX line of cpu´s, and im allmost sure it wont end, because they have such a great perfomance compaired to intel, Theire architecture just starts to bennefit now. And they can still set a cpu much cheaper into the market then intel can.  So how more and more applications and games gonne be thread demending, how closer AMD gets to theire rivivels.  Stopping with the FX lines, would be the end of AMD. if i look at how close a FX8350 performs to an i7, in multithreaded and also in gaming, i cannot believe, that amd would be so stupid to stop with that.

Maybe there will be a new FX line of cpu´s come out maybe 2015 or something maybe with a complete new chipset, and socket AM4+ with DDR4 who knows.

It will probably continue cuz stuff is starting to take advantage of more cores, the fx processors where ahead of their time when they first where released. 

Well the time that Zambezi Bulldozer came out, people where complaining over the bad performance of those chips, but it wasn´t realy the the chip who was performing, badly, but it was just the software which had a bad optimization for that architecture. Windows is basicly the biggest bug, for multicore cpu´s. im still conviced that we still can get much more performance out of the Chips, if Microsoft finaly gets its kernel right.

To be honnest its not realy a secret that Microsoft favours intel.

My personal opinion is that AMD releasing another processor in the FX line is totally up to how fast HSA is adopted. HSA is definitely the future and AMD has been planning for it since they bought ATI, but it will take some time before we see more and more applications that can leverage that. For example, if every application supported HSA right now, then the 7850k would basically be a 12 core CPU (not for absolutely every application though) and there would be no need to invest in another FX processor.

I see two scenarios:

  1. HSA will be adopted really fast (like in a year or two) by mainstream software (meaning Windows compatible applications, games included), and the Kaveri APUs would be better than the current FX line, or at least on par, and their performance can only be improved from this point on. Highly unlikely that Windows will finally decide to pull its head from up its ass to do this. They are still releasing operating systems based on Windows NT, created in the mid '90s.
  2. HSA will be thoroughly hold back by Microsoft, either by incompetence, laziness (why bother improving anything when they are still making a profit, even despite Windows 8?), or even malice, and the APUs will remain like they are now, a budget choice for a gaming rig. In this situation I feel that AMD will be forced to release a new FX processor to compete on the mainstream market.


My conclusion is this: if you want to take advantage of your new hardware, and not be bogged down by an outdated software platform, move to linux.

Yeah with all the hype they were getting about games being optimized for 8 cores thanks to next gen consoles, and things becoming more multi-threaded I find it strange that they suddenly stopped with making new FX processors and focused entirely on APUs... HSA has big potential, but it seems weird to entirely drop a product line that's already pretty successful and with a few improvements would be the best chips on the market.

But i think they're really focused on getting Mantle and HSA to make the whole GPUs functioning as compute units off the ground, but I think they're going to have to bridge the gap to make things successful with something more geared towards the enthusiast in the meantime since it will be a pretty long time until we see widespread use of HSA. I think getting games to use Mantle is the key to HSA since if I'm not mistaken it will automatically scale computer games to take advantage of all cores, and likewise I imagine it would do the same to take advantage of all "compute units".


According to amd's current road map they don't seem to have plans to continue it through 2014. It makes me sad...i think that an 8 core steamroller core would be crazy fast, and it would probably have a great price.  I know that AMD wants to break away from the desktop market, but the pc market is still going decently strong with high end chips.  Intel stated awhile back that it's i5 and i7 chips were selling out in record seem that the only cpu with steamroller that we will get to see will be a Kaveri based Athlon if they decide to continue that line.  It just makes me sad to see such potential go to waste.  Not to mention that once the viscera CPUs become out dated(which will be pretty soon for the 4xxx series) intel's prices will probably go up due to the lack of competition from amd. For us gamers and pc enthusiasts that can't afford a $250+ chip it isn't looking great.

It would be good, but I think the problem is they know if they continued with the normal FX lineup right now it would steal the thunder from the APUs and HSA, which if it is successful will yield far better results than an FX 8350 successor.

Intel's prices have already gone up. Back when Logan and Wendell made the 3570K vs 8350 video the 3570K was $220, now it's $250-260 for a 3570K or 4670K. And gone from $300 to like $350 for an i7 3770K/4770K. Although to be fair the price of the 990FX boards have gone up a bit... cheapest one now is like $130 whereas it used to be about $105. Not sure why that is, maybe they aren't being produced anymore and relying existing inventory