AMD Zen/Zen+ in 6W TDP, Dual Core, for education

Interesting choice in targeting the Education market.

Would love one like odroid-style.

Might also be good for the parents wanting an email and online form filling cheap laptop, they don’t like doing it on tablets.

Someone call ARM, tell them they’ve been bested.

Also, get me one of those laptops. That thing’ll run forever.


When the price is right, I can see these being the new schools favourite semi-disposable notebook.

As @Hako said, SBC with this would be :100:


IIRC, asrock is working on a zen 2 variant of their zen sbc.

Or whoever made that SBC thing.


The only one I found on a quick serach is this here:

Edit: Found it:

I guess I was thinking of both?

the udoo bolt was definitely what I was thinking of, but I guess asrock also made something with the v1000 as welll.

Sapphire had a couple too.

And all off these guys apparently.

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They’re not using an existing Form Factor, it’s a proprietary MoBo Form Factor.

4" x 4" ~= 101.6 mm x 101.6mm which is somewhere in between Nano-ITX & Pico-ITX

Why do people keep inventing new proprietary form factors and not use an existing one?

Because they are not aimed at any existing market or in place upgrades. These are for custom embedded systems and a very small and very regular shape is nice for that.

It is also not proprietary. I am pretty sure that no one owns the 4" distance. It is different sure but they will not sue you for using the size in a project.


It not going to be a good experience. x64 is full of bloat and a dual core will struggle with Windows 10 let alone the education software.

Over the years it’s been apple laptops, ipads, chromebooks. I think education is still in flux. Well this years no one is learning anything.

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