AMD will explode, apparently


I'm planning to upgrade my current PC (Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR2 (~333MHz) memory, GTX 560 1GB) by replacing the motherboard, CPU and RAM. I intend to get an FX-6300, 8GB DDR3-1600 9 CAS 1.35V memory, and an Asus 970 motherboard.

Generally speaking, I tune out the extremists but I've encountered a ridiculous number of people telling me my processor is going to explode because it's AMD, or that the FX-6300 will be a downgrade from what I have NOW. I don't buy into much of it, but realistically, am I really worse off grabbing an FX-6300 vs something like an i3-3220?

I know an i5-3570 would be most superb compared to the FX-6300 but I'm not keen on paying that much (I don't care to have the best performance humanly possible and whatnot). Is the FX-6300 going to be any sort of hinderence for gaming (keep in mind the GTX 560, so it's not like I'm going for playing Crysis 3 on max settings) or for video rendering (5-15 minute 1080p videos) and editing?

Also, I don't really know how much a processor plays into this but I will probably be getting my feet wet with programming and more advanced web design.. would it be fine for that?


HA! Intel fanboys. Your FX 6300 is good, CPU's nowadays don't explode because of the advances in technology. The FX 6300 can beat a 3570K in some games (not many), neck to neck in some games and just being slightly worse than the 3570K in some games at stock speeds.

Don't worry your CPU won't explode. :) Get a FX 6300. i3 is absolute crap for this year and next from now on. Yeh games don't use more than 2 cores but thats because consoles didn't and it would be harder to make a game for 6 cores only then port it to a 2 core console. dual cores aren't sufficient anymore as new consoles could have as many as 8 tablet cores. 

the FX-6300 is great chip ignore the fan boys unless they give your some real information not just screeming "fake and gay" behind there keyboard.

Youll love the xtra cores over the i3 seens youll be doing some light rendering and programing (come to think of it seens youll be doing anything itll just kill the i3)

The bigest thing holding you back in the build would have to be that GTX 560 it would definatly be showing its age in this build if i was you i would be saving up a little and buying a 7870 unless you can take advantage of cuda then hit up the green team. (7870 best value for money out)

Think hes thinking of the non K series i5 so the 6 would come pretty close.

Tho most newer games this year are taking advantage of 4 cores

Refer to this chart if you feel at all in doubt. It's not completely accurate; it's just gives a general idea. But hey, it's a lot more accurate than those clowns you were talking to. xD,3106-5.html

Now if it were my choice i'd go with the i3 over the FX 6300. The 6300 is an amazing chip for the price and i'd be more than happy to recommend it to someone for gaming, but it's not for me.

My 2 cents. =D

No an FX-6300 will not explode, unless you tape it to a stick of dynamite or swing a sledgehammer on it or something of that nature. It won't be a downgrade either, it sounds as though the people telling you these things have no idea what they are talking about. I'll recommend the 6300 over the i3 as we know the intel socket is effectively dead and the only upgrade route from there would be the i5/i7 from this gen. The AMD socket is going to last through the next gen chips, Steamroller. Better upgrade path for the future if you don't want to buy yet another motherboard next time. 

HAH! I lol'ed. God damn Intel fanboys XD

FX6300 is a good upgrade from your old Q6600.