AMD vs. Nvidia

I stumbled over this video and thought it worthy to share:

One importat thing he forgets in my opinion: Pre-built PCs sold be various vendors, for some reason most of them have Nvidia GPUs.


nvidia invested heavily in making sure their products were in a lot of things and mentioned in game loading screens etc. they must have paid tons to get that exposure and it's paid off like apple products


Only thing that gets me is that he makes it sound like AMD has given up on releasing anything higher than the rx 480... Vega's still on its way? Right?

If not, then well damn, get ready for the GPU market to stagnate.


Well Vega is on it's way and I do hope that being in all the consoles will give AMD an advantage (from a technology standpoint). Nonetheless, AMD needs to vastly outperform Nvidia cards to convince customers to switch. Even if the do, some will just wait for the next Nvidia release.

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I can't take the man serious sometimes.. he acts like Nvidia didn't have failed products.

  • Gameworks
  • Nvidia Shield
  • G-Sync
  • Tegra
  • GTX 970

Is AMD taking too long to release Vega? yes. RX 480 has been out for 6 months now, and we haven't seen anything better than it. to be fair yes, the majority of people buy mid range however I mean come on, there's people who want the high end and making us wait this long is absurd already.. the thing that's going to be funny is when they drop the RX 490 or the Vega GPU and it doesn't do better than the GTX 1080 / 1080ti.. you made people wait 6 months to not even beat it.

This is the problem in the product release patterns from Red Team, they make you wait, hype a product, and then release something already months outdated. Rinse and repeat.

IMO we're going to see the same shit happen with Zen, by the time they actually release the lineup it's going to be bunk.

That's not always true. the 7970 did beat the 680. the R9-290x did beat the 780 (though the shing star of the R9-200 series line-up was the R9-290 really) but Nvidia went out of left field and dropped the 780ti. they started to go a bit left with the Fury Launch. especially now considering it's seriously obsolete now.. 4GBs of VRAM isn't enough for a lot of games now.

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Well, I don't see how Gameworks has failed, it is used by many gamey (Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider) and the GTX 970 clearly didn't fail. If anything it encouraged customers to get a GTX 980 instead.

I don't think AMD is taking to long, but rather struggling to survive while releasing something competable. Furthermore, I do believe if Nvidia had a rx 495 right now, which would outperform the 1080, people would still buy 1080s.

It should also be remembered that AMD is a CPU manufacturer as well, which means research funds need to be split (no entirely since APU, but I think you get my point)

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Every game with the exception of Witcher failed.

it was a marketing failure. it's just like most people they don't care that Nvidia lied to them.

yeah it is, we don't have a GTX 1070 competitor and a GTX 1080 competitor out.. 6 months is very long considering how quick GPU generations are going now.

the 4870 was the first gpu i bought, i couldn't have been happier with it. I don't understand the whole driver argument people use to justify buying nvidia over amd. I would say my software experience has been better with the 4870, than the 660ti or 970 that i currently use. If amd provides a card at the right price point that is comparable in performance to the nvidia price point, i will certainly get the amd card.

As for the health of AMD's videocard divison, i mean, they selling millions in the xbone and ps4 consoles, right? it can't be that bad, can it?

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Well, concerning the 970 the 390 is superior. As for the consoles, Sony and Microsoft are able to dictate the prices, which means while a console contract does provide steady income, the pure profit from it is rather small. This is one of the reasons Nvidia didn't even care about the new consoles.

They seem to care now

Care to elaborate?

Nvidia is powering the upcoming Nintendo console

i bought the 970 in 2014,

How are these failed products besides Nvidia shield? Gameworks are a way to force hardware on products, as well as G-sync. In that respect they played their role.
Tegra is a fine architecture that you see in many mobile devices, including the Switch, and the 970 is of the best selling GPUs they ever made (even with the issues it had)....That is AdoreTV's point actually. Nvidia can make worse hardware than AMD and still gets the sales...None of these were failed products..

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  • Every gameworks besides witcher 3 failed.
  • Gsync is expensive and proprietary hardware and requires a module that strictly uses DisplayPort, it's not doing well considering most of these monitors run for $600+ and up.
  • Tegra is a powerful chip that just somehow won't takeover. Nexus 9 did bad, Pixel C was a mess, there's no successor to the Shield Portable.. the Shield Tablets have battery issues with some even exploding.. Even Nvidia themselves said they want to stop making mobile.
  • GTX 970, one of the best selling GPUs that just so happen to be one of the biggest marketing failures of all time. they lied about the VRAM, and got the internet with their pitchforks after sweeping it under the rug. A lot of reviewers were saying it wasn't a big deal. but it was.. especially now.. everyone with a 970 now is going to have to get an upgrade real soon with the games eating up VRAM right now.

Vega is coming out this month or early next year, it isn't far away at all.

yeah my brother had a shield tablet with battery issues and if im not mistaken its still in the house even tho it was ment to be collected ages ago :P

Fallout 4, Tomb Raider , borderlands, Arma 3, Just cause 3, AC , The new lineage game, shadow warrior 2, watchdogs 2. These all these have some GW component support and made money. No matter if the games were actually good they had the spotlight and the sales. Thus GW does what is supposed to do.

Irrelevant to the product's success. People bought it and are still buying NVidia cards...Even if it is to replace the 970.

Yet they are still developing new versions of the architecture that uses Pascal. Why would the do that if it was such a failure as you say?