AMD vs Intel

Which configuration would be best for gaming?



I was thinking the intel would be beter but i could be wrong. If i go with intel i will upgrade to the i7 3770k in the future and probaly 16GB RAM. If i go with AMD ill probaly upgrade the ram to 16GB and maybe the processor when they come out with a new one.

The AMD CPU tends to be better with a lot of games. It even beats the 3770k in cases, so I recommend the 8350.

I agree with SugarCoatedCannibal. I recently did a build with the FX-6300 (I didn't really care too much about the CPU) and I am really happy with it! My previous build had an i7 860 in it (which is a bit old), and I have to say, AMD CPUs are just better for the price: performance. If you are going to upgrade the CPU in the future I would say Intel because of the 3470 only being a mid-ranged CPU and there is many CPUs in LGA1155 that are better. One thing I have to say is that I have heard that the 3770k is extremely overclockable.

On the other side of that argument, the next generation of AMD CPUs will use the same socket that is being used currently. What this means is that if you go with an 8350 build (or as with Pfannyyy an FX-6300 build - I have one too and it has been great), you will be able to move on up to a Steamroller when they come out without too much of a problem.

In terms of gaming, I have to say the Vishera has impressed the pants off of me. I can't actually tell you how many frames I am getting in most of the games I am playing because I have v-sync on (max 60 due to my monitor) and most things seem to max out. This is paired with a GTX 560Ti which is middle of the road really.

go with the FX-3850 i feel like a complete idiot spending like $200 more for maybe 10% more power at the max. plus amd motherboards are way more loaded

AMD its the better choice in tht situation

Yeah definitely go with the AMD build in this case.

AMD has the record for OC, sorry to say the 8350 can (provided you have the right setup) probably beat the 3930k with a similarly priced total cost for the cooling. The 8350 has reached up to 8ghz, and the 8350 is so close to the i7s it doesnt make sense to buy an intel.