Amd vs intel

i5 3570k setup ($942)

fx 8350 setup ($891)


Which one? thanks!

AMD. Intel is overused

either one will do

but i would suggest getting a better mobo for either or depending on what you stick with

I will say this though. Intel is moving to haswell, a completely new and incompatable socket. Amd is not, so getting an AM3+ board will ensure some future proof for the amd board

what's wrong with the 970 that's in my spec sheet?

Sorry - it's more of a personal preference. I have a 16GB corsair voyager usb3.0 flash drive. I use my drive ALOT and having a usb 3.0 header is a deal breaker for me.

Sorry i wasn't clear.

Ah I see, that makes sense though. Thanks for the input! What mobo would you recommend?

I'm tired right now, going to sleep now.

but here's a link

Nothing is wrong with the motherboard that you chose, so long as any overclocking you plan on doing does not involve tweaking your voltages. With only a 4+1 power phase, adjusting voltages to any significant amount may cause some instability and/or excessive wear on your components due to fluctuations in current.

The Radeon 7870 XT series is much better than the standard Radeon 7870.