Amd vs Intel Which One Should i Choose

So yeah am trying to build my very first build for gaming and such and the only thing that i keep coming back to and spending all off my time checking out benchmarks for the CPUs

and i wanna ask all of you guys which one should i get for gaming like battlefield 4 thief 4 etc.

Am between the Amd Fx 8350 and the Intel i5-3570 

Please let me know which one all you people recommend . :D

The AMD is an 8 core, it competes with the previous gen i7, check out Logan's take on the AMD, price to performance I would go with the AMD if you can find one, there is a kit that comes with closed loop heat-sink which adds value. Having said that, for gaming the i5 will probably do for you and you can source an i7 later if need be. At the end of the day its what you want.

for gaming the 8350 will suit you just fine... unless you're going for a small form factor or something of that nature...

basically AMD's octa-cores are minorly better at multithreaded tasks (as compared to an i7) and Intel's CPUs are significantly better at single threaded tasks (as compared to an 8350)...

If you're just gaming... I'll almost advise the AMD 8320 (better bang for buck easily overclockable on the 990 chipset)... Intel's are more geared for productivity and small form factors...

Fx-8350 vs. the I5. THE MOST fought over debate on pc. I personally go with the Fx-8350. The extra 4 cores will become very handy into the future. Games previously only used 4 cores, so the I5 won with slightly higher per core performance. But with games like Bf4 using more cores (7 to be exact) the 8350's slightly slower cores (around 5% give or take 3%) give better performance. Its more comparable to the I7 in games that use all 8 cores. And are seeing more games rapidly adopt 8 core threading. The new consoles have 8 cores so, any game with a console version will be guaranteed to have 8 or 7 core threading.

well... to be more in the ballpark... the cores are around 1.6:1 Intel vs AMD... so 60% slower in single threading