AMD Vega, Nvidia Volta

I wanna hear peoples predictions on AMD Vega and Nvidia Volta.

Vega can barely beat current gen. Nvidia needs to make Volta like 10% faster and there you go...
Sorry AMD... You did good with Zen... Vega - not so much... Hope Navi is better, or you would have to use Ryzen and Epyc profits to fund the graphics division...

NVIDIA volta will probably rek vega.. cuz lets be honest.. vega sucks...Its not really all that great.. barely benches past current gen... even if nvidia made volta 5 percent faster theyd still trounce vega

Trigger Alert for 99 percent of the people on this forum



Well Vega has SR-IOV support, which is kind of nice^^

Vega is just like Fury back in the day...
Technologically amazing product. Nvidia have nothing, that comes close.
Performance wise, and let's not forget, most people care about performance, it's not good at all...
I mean it's OK... 1 year later, using more power and still not beating the competition.


Maybe in two years or something like that Vega will be affordable at a decent price. Just like the Fury a while ago.

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yeah... Post Navi and whatever Nvidia have released by that time...
It would be like my 270X (7870/PS4)... Somewhere in the bottom layers of the performance charts...

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It is not healthy for the industry to be dominated by Intel and Nvidia. If someone else produces a decent alternative, we need to support them. Look at the stagnation with Intel CPU's over the past few years. As if that's not bad enough, because they have had no effective competition, they have had a free hand to price gouge their customers with impunity. When Ryzen debuts, all of a sudden Intel is offering cores and clock cycles at fire sale prices. It doesn't bother me for one moment that the Ryzen isn't as fast as the i7-6900K, because I can't afford an i7-6900K. What matters is that Ryzen performs better than the Intel CPUs which are in my price range.

It is the same story with GPU's. Whether or not Vega can beat a Titan, or a 1080ti is irrelevant to me, because I don't have the budget to purchase those cards. I want to see how Vega performs against the GTX1070 and GTX1080 and at what price point.

I've been waiting patiently, 'cause I need to replace a GTX780. As far as I'm concerned, if AMD can keep pace with Nvidia's current GTXxx80 offering, at a better price point, with open source drivers and better Vulkan support, I'm in.

And before someone starts calling me an AMD fanboy, my primary rig is an X99, with a GTX780. I don't care about designer labels, I buy whatever works, if I can find it within my budget.


We haven't seen Vegas gaming performance yet.

And we haven't seen anything from Volta yet.

And my crystal ball is in repair... so. yeah.

Spoiler alert: FE is not a gaming card, sorry to bring this to you. It's the same issue wendell explained in the last video with the WX7100. Completely different market, completely different optimization.


Dude I know this im not an idiot... But I am well aware of whats going to occur especially since AMD has somewhat hinted that this card is not going to be "amazing" Also same architecture card can give you somewhat of an idea of how the architecture performs overall.. just seeing the FE card perform so dismally in my honest opinion vega might not be that good.. Optimization is indeed a key factor in card performance but the bulk of the performance lies in the silicon design itself. People are too hopeful that this will give amd fans something to compete with the GTX 1080 and I dont think it will.. I think it will slot just under it.. This vega over hype is just stupid and retarded.. I said it about the Pascals.. Ill say it about vega now... consumers need to stop overhyping and getting severely disappointed... Expect the worst and if you get a delightful surprise later lifes good

We have seen the volta architecture do impressive things on the compute side with the new volta teslas so IDK what your saying when you say we have not seen anything yet. We are seeing something

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Nobody needs to support or be loyal to anybody.. Companies just need to beat each other to the better product. We the consumer should not be burdened with leveling the playing field.. if nvidia comes out with a suckish product let it burn down in hell.. if amd does let them burn too... to the heck with loyalty or leveling the market LOL. If amd doesnt want to compete or sucks at competing dont blame intel for taking advantage of that you would to if you were in charge of a multi billion dollar industry

Plus AMD cant keep pace you know why? their cards are being taken up by the dozens for crypto mining. Literally the price of a RX580 is 500-600 right now.. which is the high price of a used gtx 1080

Firstly, I want to put this out there before I address any volta v. vega comparison; if you think Vega FE isn't a gaming card than I say you also have to argue that Titan Xp isn't a gaming card, considering both don't get the pro sauce drivers (the "pro" mode in the Vega driver has already been confirmed to change nothing but the settings available in the control panel and NOT any underlying driver changes like a Radeon Pro / FirePro / Quadro / Tesla card would get). Both the Titan Xp and Vega FE are priced much higher than a GTX or RX card equivalent are, but both companies claim they're not gaming cards even though they lack true "Pro" drivers.

Volta v. Vega? Are you kidding? The new Volta V100 core has 5120 FP32 cuda cores, and if history repeats itself, the high-end gaming cards will get close to that. The "old" Tesla P100 has as many cuda cores as the Gtx 1080 Ti and Titan X Pascal original. The new titan actually has more cuda cores than the Pascal Tesla card.

Similar patterns of the Tesla card matching the FP32 core count of high-end gaming cards has gone on for generations, so from that we can extrapolate that the "Nvidia Titan XV" (which seems like a pretty likely name if they follow the pattern) will feature around 5000 cuda cores, and the Gtx 1180 will be around the 4000 core mark (give or take some but you get that point). Now lets consider than Nvidia is touting a 15TFLOPS of single precision compute on the V100 (and Tesla cards are always clocked lower than their GeForce counterparts) with a 300 watt TDP for the Mezzanine version. Now if you clock that up and lower TDP (which is reasonable considering gaming Volta won't have any of the FP64 cores or Tensor cores featured on a Tesla card), and sorry there isn't a contest with Vega. AMD needs to get Navi on an accelerated time line really, because if they launch more than a year into the life-cycle of the 11 series (like they're doing with the 10 series and Vega), it'll only get worse.

you do realize 1060s were going for $400 at one point right? people are mining with anything that can find

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thats nice they are not anymore and I am speaking only in the present.. Right now the 1060 is the better product for the consumer the 1070 is a sweet spot and the ebay deals on a 1080 are insane... the RX 570 is okay but I mean why shoot for less...Vega being around the corner it could be a great card but nobody knows yet and it could be price gauged badly for the first few months so for right now nvidia does make more sense

I think AMD Vega will be exactly as AMD promised it would be not what the hype said it could be... I also feel that Volta will be a great card... NVIDIA is waiting for the vega release so it can build its card better on most edges then vega

Really? Did I say that we should all run out and buy AMD hardware, regardless of their price, or performance?

AMD's GPUs are in short supply, because they are popular with the mining crowd. Why? Because they have superior performance to their Nvidia counterparts.

I don't suppose that they teach the market system in school any more, but every commodity which is in short supply is rationed one way, or another. Either a government bureaucrat rations it based on your political connections (or lack thereof), or the market rations it based on supply and demand. While neither method is perfect, one only needs to have a glance at Venezuela to see which system performs best.


It really did sound like you were suggesting that apologies. When I hear someone say that ive begun to cringe at it LOL because its not a good consumer practice thats advocated by a lot of die hards which has gotten so annoying to this point.. Its not that I hate AMD thats not true at all heck im getting a ryzen system haha... its that ive become very desensitzed to the "we need to support AMD as consumers rhetoric"

Actually thats the interesting part and it has to do with how AMD designed their pipelines. Interestingly enough this make a marginal impact on gaming but a huge impact on mining and computations

which is why i'll probably continue buying Nvidia until AMD put out a video card i feel giving up the slot on my motherboard for. Ryzen sounds like an ideal laptop chip for me, since gaming on a laptop/a laptop with Linux is extremely hit and miss for under 1.5k. but put a Ryzen 1700x in it and give me enough video power to watch 1080p shit and i'd buy that.

the video cards, no. nope, sorry. the gpu is one of the most obsolete-prone parts in a PC that i know of, and if i'm going to get a gpu, i'm going to save until i can comfortably drop $6-700 dollars on a TI variant that I KNOW, I KNOW is the best performing card under the Titan whatever "pay for more vram" 1k nonsense cards.

but yeah, i'm really not into the moral grandstanding stuff, i just want to play bloody video games at high FPS.

TDP still needs to come down on the 4 cores but I can see them doing it

MY god this guy needs a beer

Amen to that

Guinness, por favor. [walking cliche.]

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AMD dragged there heals with Vega but we will soon see what non reference cards can do compared to a 1080 performance / price wise. As for Volta it will come out early next year, AMD's road map has Navi slated for next year but they may be late on that too. It will be after Volta for sure.