AMD Vega 64 drivers causing system hang in recreatable senarios

Whenever I open a Windows 10 app or a notification pops up on the side bar, my system will hang/lag causing my mouse cursor to hitch and if I’m watching a video it will skip frames. This has also caused videos to crash completely sending out a loud “brrrr” sound through the speakers as if the entire system has locked up but then it stops and the OS goes on about it’s business. I can reproduce this issue every single time and if I use Edge, clicking on links that open new tabs cause massive amounts of cursor hitching and system lag. Manually opening tabs also creates this issue. Even closing the apps will cause the system to hang for a second.

I can make this all go away by booting into safe mode OR by uninstalling my AMD graphics driver. I have tried every driver from 17.12.1 all the way up to the newest optional driver and while some offer much less lag, they all experience the same issues. I have also tested games and in Far Cry 5 I experience this millisecond of lag when I pick up items off the ground, loot/ammo, but I haven’t had this problem in the handful of other games I’ve tried.

I just built this system a week ago and have everything in the bios set to default except the ram speed which is using the XMP profile. Passed 15 hours of Memtest so hopefully the ram can be ruled out as an issue. I’m also running Windows off an SSD if that question comes up. I have done a fresh install of Windows three different times. Tried different power plans but had the same results. Was also told to try to set AHCI Link Power Management to “Active” for my SSD but that also didn’t help. I’m at wits end. Nothing else on the system seems to run abnormally except what I mentioned. The fact that I can eliminate the issue by removing the graphics drivers shows that they or the card itself is the culprit, right? This card is brand new so I’m hoping it’s not a hardware problem with it and it’s purely a software problem conflicting with something in Windows.

Sorry for the extremely lengthy post as I wanted to be as thorough as possible to make it easier to pinpoint the problem. I listed my system specs below in case that helps at all. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and respond.

System Specs-

CPU: Ryzen 2700x
Motherboard: Asus x470 Crosshair VII newest bios
Memory: G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
GPU: Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro +
Driver: Crimson 18.7.1 OS: Windows 10 x64 17134.191
PSU: EVGA 850 Gold+

have you tried older drivers and have you used DDU to uninstall the drivers windows install and install the latest manually?

Yes, I always use DDU in safemode to remove the old drivers. I have tried every single driver from 17.12.1 all the way up to 18.7.1 and they all had the lag/hitching issue but some were worse than others. I have about 10 or so left to try dating back to the launch of Vega but since the lag has been present in every single one so far I’m not very optimistic.

What happens if you turn off hardware acceleration in Windows itself?

Edited: previous link didn’t work to navigate to Win10 disable hardware accel.

Alright edit 2! Apparently this isn’t even an option in build 1709 (or presumably 1803).

Given i’m on similar hardware to you (Ryzen 2700X, Vega 64), i’ll maybe try re-create this when i get home.

I did have similar video issues (hanging, not crashing when playing video) in the very very early Vega drivers in the first couple of weeks of release, but haven’t seen anything like that since.

@Steinwerks I found a M$ community forum thread that described how to turn off hardware acceleration with a registry edit but after rebooting and messing around for 10 minutes it looked like it didn’t change anything at all.

@thro That would be great if you could test it. I would just ignore this issue since I barely use the Windows apps themselves but the fact that it happens in a game and with the notifications, it’s rather bothersome.

I submit a bug report to AMD and posted on many different forums about the issue but haven’t gotten any info on what is causing this. I think I am going to borrow my friend’s Nvidia card and see if the issue persists on that as well. Not sure what else to do at this point.

Briefly tested Edge & YouTube, I dont have this issue, have 1700 & x370 though

and I have never had these Win10 notifications, so I dont know about that
mostly using Firefox


One thing I know is that midi synth starts to lag when these power settings have monitor shut off and sleep set on, never really cared to investigate which one is it, but either one is causing that behavior, and thats just Win10 feature

The notifications are from the Windows apps themselves and I assume most people turn them off but I have friends who use Instagram and the Xbox app so it was always convenient to get the notifications on my desktop. I didn’t have this lag/hitching issue at all on my old Intel system but I was also using an R9 Fury instead of Vega.

I have monitors set to turn off after 15 minutes but I always turn off all the system sleep and hibernate features. I could try to mess with those to see if I get any other results.

I should note that I also do not have these issues, but also running a 1700X and Vega 56 on X370 so not directly comparable.