AMD Unleashes First-Ever 5 GHz Processor

Enthusiasts get unbelievable PC performance with new AMD FX-9000 Series Processor

Los Angeles— E3 —6/11/2013 

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today unveiled its most powerful member of the legendary AMD FX family of CPUs, the world’s first commercially available 5 GHz CPU processor, the AMD FX-9590. These 8-core CPUs deliver new levels of gaming and multimedia performance for desktop enthusiasts. AMD FX-9000 Series CPUs will be available initially in PCs through system integrators. 

“At E3 this week, AMD demonstrated why it is at the core of gaming,” said Bernd Lienhard, corporate vice president and general manager, Client Products Division at AMD. “The new FX 5 GHz processor is an emphatic performance statement to the most demanding gamers seeking ultra-high resolution experiences including AMD Eyefinity technology. This is another proud innovation for AMD in delivering the world’s first commercially available 5 GHz processor.”

“AMD continues to push the envelope when it comes to desktop capabilities and power performance,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and founder of MAINGEAR. “In unveiling the world’s first 5 GHz 8-core CPU, AMD continues to lead the way in innovation while providing our customers with a best-in-class experience. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting launch.”

The new 5 GHz FX-9590 and 4.7 GHz FX-9370 feature the “Piledriver” architecture, are unlocked for easy overclocking and pave the way for enthusiasts to enjoy higher CPU speeds and related performance gains1. Additionally, these processors feature AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology to dynamically optimize performance across CPU cores and enable maximum computing for the most intensive workloads. 

AMD was the first to break the 1 GHz barrier in May of 2000 and continues to set the standard in technology innovation including the first Windows compatible 64-bit PC processor and the first native dual-core and quad-core processors. AMD also introduced the first APU(unifying CPU and Radeon™ graphics on the same chip) and the first x86 quad-core SoC, continuing forward with HSA architectures and programming models.

The new AMD FX CPUs will be available from system integrators globally beginning this summer. Two models will be available:

"..they will also run at around 220watts, and under load, will melt the sun itself." - Approx. quote by Logan.

This is obviously for publicity over providing a good product, not saying it won't be a good processor. I do want to see how they handle the massive TDP on it.

It has a stock VID of 1.54v. I seriously doubt anybody who has the cash for one is going to be running anything less than a large water cooling loop with half a gallon of liquid capacity or a phase change cooler.

Liquid Nitrogen would be pretty effective. Would have to undervolt a bit though.

Liquid Helium for MOAR cooling :D

If you are just buying one of those for benchmarking and not a status symbol you have something seriously wrong with you. Liquid gas cooling as effective as it is, is a novelty at best and impractical. Anybody who is serious about owning a processor like that for longer than 5 minutes uses phase change cooling as it's more practical to benchmark with since you never run out of refridgerant unless you spring a leak in your system.

Water cooling is far more practical than a phase changer.

Obviously, I was joking about the LNO2..Using phase changing isnt a very effective way to cool a CPU, as the heat still needs a place to go. You would still need a huge heatsink or even watercooling. and if you arent careful, condesation will build and kill your CPU.

Just released here in oz for sale, crazy price though. 

I just looked at the pccasegear price, it's $1049! How much extra performance will this chip actually get compared to a 8350?

O_o $1049 AUD? id rather run dual opteron cpu's 

because a 3930x was a bit too cheap