AMD turbo on linux?

AMD turbo dose not let my computer go over 1.9ghz when this system ran windows it would turbo up to 2.3ghz. The CPU in my laptop is A10-4500m can turbo up to 2.7ghz and a max working temp of 100C. in windows the CPU would hit 110c and 2.3ghz (I’ve owned 5 HPs all of them run hot. 3 Intel, 2 AMD I’m guessing this is normal). In Linux the Max temp I have got is ~85C. I have check that turbo core is enable by going here /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/boost and it was enabled. I Would like it to trubo for programs like handbreak obs and ssr.

system specs:
hp pavilion 17
amd a8-4500m
radeon 7640g
8gb ram

Ubuntu14.04.02 LTS with gnome

PS. I would like it to overclock the gpu because in windows it would run at ~750 and with linux it runs about 650.

thank you for help and time in advance

Top priority should be to buy a better CPU cooler, your stated temperatures look way to hot. Overclocking will make it run even hotter.

This video may give you some hints on AMD overclocking.

Is that even possible for a laptop?? i know you can get cooling pads for them to sit on... but doing that to overclock would severely reduce the portability...

Didn't realise it was a laptop. Cooling pads are great if you have over heating problems. I couldn't use mine for more than 45 minutes without one. Fortunately, I only have use it occasionally.

I would have but its a laptop and I use a laptop cooler. BTW this is for windows. I just want the same performance as in windows. it ran like this from start for over a year I sure it would have failed by now, if temp was the problem. It could be reading wrong because the gpu reads 85 but the cpu reads 110. the only thing that could cool it help is maybe new thermal paste?

Try liquid metal thermal paste.

If you have enough clearance and don't have a fan you could get aluminum foil then make a cooler out of that. It should aid heat dissipation.

Oh and if it has a cooler, definitely lap it with sandpaper before applying the thermal paste. You're getting crazy temps and lapping helps a ton

what would could and will go wrong if the CPU continues to run like this? I know with my desktop I have had a 6990 when the core temp +95 plus the screen would go black. Dose any one else get these crazy temp with hp pavilion 15/17-xxxxx amd laptops

Hardware degradation and thermal throttling (which you are experiencing). Unix based systems seem to be better about preserving hardware which is why you're noticing throttling.

You processor will have a shorter lifespan by a significant amount.

Generally for every 10c drop in the average temperature of the cpu you save a year worth Of lifespan however that is speculation.

here is a pic of CPU cooler any other mods I could do?? the fan is right up against it so it don't think I can use aluminium foil

If that's the case the linked thermal paste should do the trick. Even then I'd take the bottom panel off and put on a layer or two of aluminum foil... How big is the fan

is there a way to modify linux it so could have same performance in windows and control the fan to.

it hard to explain so this is the closet thing to it (Not the one for it)

I think i am going to upgrade my CPU to an a10-5750m soon so ill get thermal paste and try the other things too.

could I have a bad CPU that has bad internal thermal paste or something along those line. what is normal for trinity laptop apus

HP laptops are shit and they run hot and loud.. I used to own one before i smashed the screen.

To reduce your temps is to disassemble your laptop to the heatsink and the fan. disassemble the fan by removing the screws to get to the heatsink that is inside of it. clean it regardless and reassemble the laptop.

oh and make sure that you replace the thermal paste with NT-H1 or something non conductive.

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I I'm going to replace the thermal paste I also normally I'll clean it every 6 months or so. I just kinda hard to clean because you have to pull the mobo out to get to the heatsink. Witch requires complete disassembly of the laptop. I would never recommend HP computers to any one else. The original I was going to buy a Toshiba but best buy did not have them in stock, so I got the HP for pretty cheap.

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You're proccessor isn't something I can really say is dieing. Overclocking and underclocking are the methodologies I can think of to test that.

Try stress testing it with mprime

No :), you can't modify Linux to prevent thermal throttling.

And I recommend Asus, MSI, Lenovo, and Dell for the future :)

But why would it thermal throttling at 85C that’s 15 degrees below Max temp? i know in windows I once got a max temp of 137C in gpu-z playing Skyrim. It make me wonder how hot it would have to to get before it shuts down because over heating