AMD teases new FX desktop chip

Lets look at the possibilities;

  • An FX piledriver with a stock frequency on 5.0GHz and a turbo on 5.2GHz followed with water cooling (most likely).
  • Steamroller APU joining the FX desktop line (Doubt it)
  • Steamroller CPU (Doubt it)


Finally... Thank you AMD

I know this might be slightly off topic, but does anyone know when AMD may plan to upgrade their high performance APU desktop line? 

AM4 socket? If not, probably an 6/8 core APU for FM2+ socket.

I hope it's not another disappointment.

If it is indeed a new fx processor, which it looks to be, then maybe we can get some new fx am3+ (am4 probably won't happen till 2015) motherboards that support pciexpress 3.0. (They had one by asus but it isn't made anymore)

Edit: I did some digging. Maybe it will turn out to be the rumored 12 core, 6ghx processor that was rumored earlier this year:

Well... I hope it is a high-end cpu so there will be some competition, but I don't think it will happen. The earlier leaked roadmap said Vishera would be the highest line for the remaining future. Also the water in the picture reminds me of the FX-9590 kit with the water cooler, so it might just be something like that again. Just some factory overclock on existing parts. 

Let's hope I am not correct and that it is a new high-end design.

Roadmap source:

I would love there to be a 12 core FX-Chip. AMD really needs to step up their game to compete with Intel

espically since X99 is coming out.

I guarantee you it is just a 9590 with WC front he factory or some slightly higher clocked "9850" or something. IE something completely useless. 

It won't be a Steamroller FX (AM3+) part. AMD said they are skipping that generation for that product line. 

It could possibly be an FM2+ "FX" part. Like they are doing on the laptops. May just be a 7850k without the iGPU. Then again I doubt that as well. 

There won't be a 12 FX. At least not for some time and even then it is questionable. I could see the new AM4 Chips having 6, 8 and 12 core options but now that AMD is adopting a HT type architecture like Intel, we may only get 4 and 6 core CPUs with HT. 

That "rumored" Phenom III was completely debunked. It was a hoax sadly. 

I think what AMD should do is try to slot in between mainstream and enthusiast. IE between say Z97 and X99 with their new socket and CPUs. So offer things like crazy amounts of PCIE and quad channel RAM but just tone everything down a little to keep prices lower. 

Boom! Called it.

It is a 9590 with an included AIO Liquid Cooler. Not even a slight change in clock speed.


I'm beginning to become an AMD hater.  I have the 8350 and i've got no complaints.  But cmon AMD wtf are you guys doing!  APU's are so useless in the enthusiast market.  The sad part is that AMD made it reputation from the enthusiast market.  They are shafting it and it's really pissing me off.  Nobody in their right mind wants to buy the 9590 unless they don't care about the heat production and wattage consumption.  Many of us don't like that for a 24/7 rig required for rendering, modelling, and scripting.  A room being hot is no fun.  I just really hope excavator will be out soon and we see something to make it worth getting (either 8 core apu's, 8 core cpu's, or something new and with performance.

Excavator FTW ☺

I think I just done with AMD all together. I am and always have been a mATX builder and this does me no good what so ever. Think I will stick with intel from here on out.

I made a thread about this, no new(truly) cpus in 2014, I asked my source and it's a 9590 with a lquid cooler, nothing else, but their will be new FX cpus in the 2015-16 time frame don't worry.

If AMD doesn't fix their roadmap to support their gaming community then they are going to simply ride the coattails of their marketing success from the console market while falling further and further into disrepute with the PC industry. Considering their past success, I don't want to see Intel become the only real player on the field, as they've shown that they have no real desire to innovate when nobody else is pushing them to.

I would love to have a cheap 12 thread cpu, video rendering/encoding, game capture/streaming, and  coding will be wonderful on that. 

AMD hasn't really had a place in the high end market since the i7 920. The mid range, due to their apus and Athlon on the fm2+ being cheap and easy to pair a decent high end of the mid range gpu with them has been their strong point for a couple years now.  Hopefully once they go back to using real cores they'll get something for the high end(at least something to compete with the i5) their more coars are nice if you are doing more than gaming but for just gaming now that theres an unlocked pentium intel has the whole market.

I would love if they took the same architecture that they used on the K10 series of chips, performed a die shrink, improved the transistor leakage as they did with the new ULV mobile chips and add in support for all of the new extensions. If they did this and made an 8-core chip, it would be somewhat more worthwhile than their entire current lineup. The Phenom II were awesome chips. The saddest part is that they outperform the new components at the same clocks, which means that, unlike Intel, AMD has actually lost per-cycle performance. Shameful, AMD. Shameful.