AMD system keeps freezing

Hi guys I have googles for couple of days to find the solution for this problem, but no luck this far. I have freshly built system but it keeps randomly freezing (freezes happen from 30min in use to 5 hours also freezes happen anywhere from playing games or just browsing internet) and mouse/keyboard gets stuck nothing works only reset button. (viruses are not likely because there is fresh win 8.1, drivers, steam, and thats it, overheating are unlikely because system is quit cool, cpu under load ¬45 C and video card 60-65 C) also I can upload events viewer log file if its necessary. Also I have try'd to take out one ram stick and see if it helps, but it froze so I swaped ram but well again it froze. Maybe I have to config my mb? Thanks.

AMD fx-9590
asus crosshair v formula z
msi radeon r9 290x twin frozr
samsung evo 850 ssd
psu evga 1000w platinum
trident x 24000mhz 2x8gb

also, here are 2 pics of voltages:



i had this happen on the fx 8350.
i fixed mine by adjusting the memory timing,

UPDATE: I have turned XMP profile on lets see if it helps.

voltages look totaly fine to me, so im kinda doubting that its something related to that.

  • Drop ram speed down to 1600 - retest - perhaps you got a not-so-golden cpu that cant handle high speed ram.
  • Update the BIOS >> - there are notes on updates for improved system stability.
  • memtest86 - never know, dud kits do happen.
  • run a linux live distro (off usb) for a few hours see if it cakes it. If it does there is a hardware fault.
  • Nope system still froze with XMP profile

    try running a memtest on your memory. be fore warned tho, 16gb, on my media pc, took 58 hours. lol

    consider memory.. also is your memory voltage set to 1.5 volts.. its much easier on the memory controller... if you have a 1.5 volt kit... bump thre north bridge a tad see if it helps.. those freezes are basically called brown outs.. some essential component doesnt have enough juice to keep going and it missed something which throws and interrupt and kills the system on a fault.. testyour memory... but its a trident and thats great memory so theres got to be something else wrong... have you done any kind of oc? enabled any certain power save settings at all recently... also since its a 9590 id suggestfull phase control... aka extreme phase setting so all your phases are on.. its a hell of a chip haha (pun intended)

    I dont know how usefull is this but here are some more pics. Also R00tz31820 maybe you could explain in more detail what and where should I change? And I havent done any OC nor enable power savings.


    Also as you can see on the label it says its 1.65v so is it secure to change to 1.5v? Thanks for helping guys. :)

    Also I have the latest version of BIOS.

    default voltage for the fx-9590 is supposed to be 1.5v unless you are underclocking the cpu.
    If the mobo has set this votage try updateing the bios.

    I set DRAM voltage to 1.5v and 1866MHz still works, but I dont have a feeling this will make any difference. Also I already have the latest BIOS version.

    cooperman, I changed manually cpu voltage to 1.49V and it was running with 1.5V but system froze after bios screen twice so I changed back to auto. And those freezes looked same like the ones I get randomly.

    Also received recommendation to DISABLE C1 and C6 states, what do you think? I

    EDIT: I found more same problems online and everyone who has the same cpu fixed this problem with disabling c1 and c6 states. Thats what I have done now and I will let you know if it helps.

    C6 states have something to do with putting core´s into sleep mode.
    This could indeed be an issue.

    Does the formula z support a 220W cpu? Unlike the 8370 and below the 9590 is 220W


    TDP is just heat output, nothing more nothing less.

    I'm aware of that but if it can't cope with that and the socket itself overheats it could set off the temp meters and shutdown. If it can support it though then that rules that out.

    Sounds like the system isn't even showing a BSOD? You can download this utility from nirsoft to find any memory dumps (BSODs) generated by the system. Look through the columns. Take note of the Bug Check Code and you can further your googling on that.You will see once called Caused By Driver. Go ahead and post a screenshot of BlueScreenView here and that will give everyone here a better idea of what you are dealing with. (that is of course if it is generating memory dumps)


    This has happened to me recently. AMD FX-8350, Radeon 2x Radeon 7870s in cross fire. Try uninstalling the catalyst drivers and use the default drivers that come with windows 8.1. This is just temporary. Run it like this until it freezes. Hopefully it does not. I eventually got mine working fine again with the latest catalyst drivers after using the catalyst uninstall tool.

    UPDATE: After disabling C1 and C6 states (enable Cool n Quiet) system is stable no crash in 48H.