AMD Stock Cooler Installation Problem

I have an AMD 8320 with the stock cooler, as you may know they have 2 locking metal arms which have to go around 2 small plastic arms on the motherboard. I can get 1 arm around 1 plastic arm but the other cant reach. Any suggestions to help fix this?;(


Make sure th lever is the right way. You might have put  the lever in the wrong position.  

Do you mean the lever on the metal arm? if so this is to the right which is the right way


what i suggest you to do, is to buy an aftermarket cooler for the cpu, unless you can deal with the stock cooler to sound like a hair dryer... a 30$ CM evo 212 series cooler will be almost silent, and give you LOADS better cooling performance than the stock. And cooler operation means longer lifespan

You have to put a somewhat near a wrenching amount of pressure onto it... ran into the same problem on my first build and thought it wasn't manufactured properly.