AMD SR-IOV. Is it ever going to be a thing?

I have been watching this topic since 2016 I think. It gets talked about every now and again not that I ever see it actually working. I am mainly interested in the linux driver but there is a windows drivers as well. Is SR-IOV into a KVM ever going to be a thing ?

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I would love SR-IOV on a consumer card, but I doubt i’s a priority on AMD’s side. I think Vega’s first slides mentioned SR-IOV support on these cards as well, but it is lacking now. (Did they perhaps just disable it?)

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I’ve got the option in my bios, but it definitely doesn’t run in the opensource drivers. I believe that’s why I was having an issue with KMS and with whatever vit-managers QEMU/KVM configuration was set too.

I would have all the hardware I needed to test it then. * _ *

Soon. Lol. It’s available on Intel igpus which is actually damned impressive. Intel also just released a bunch of new opencl stuff. So things are coming together here.

Intel plus Vega almost certainly means we will see this on consumer cards soon.

Looking Glass is the ghetto version of this in a lot of ways, kinda, and by the time this reaches consumer cards I wouldn’t be surprised if parts of looking Glass are used I the driver.


Besides being on almost all OEMS its the only thing they got left that’s actually good about them XD. Though their newer ones are pretty good but they obviously hold nothing compared to AMD APUs.

Yep. I kinda expect to see atleast a very limited forum of SR-IOV implemented in navi. Like only having the support for 2 operating systems use the GPU.

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