Amd sp5 genoa motherboards from the usa now available on newegg

The Supermicro SNK-P0084AP4 cooler works fine if you have a desktop case. Temperature under load hovers around 60C for Epyc 9554. The bigger challenge is cooling the DDR5 registered modules. They don’t come with integrated heatsink like the desktop modules.

Running memory intensive tasks such as lmbench resulted in ECC error. That’s when the modules reached near 60C.


That ram is still missing, but I just bought 192GB off of eBay for it for $150. That should arrive this week. If I find it I will have 256GB and 4 slots available.
The rtx 4070 arrived on Saturday. Now I have something fun to use it for ;).

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It booted. That ram was $50 a stick, not a pair of stick, still, the computer sees 96GB.
Windows 11 installer made, Win11Pro installed onto one of the 118GB optane. Reboot, and it can’t see any network.

On the upside the whole computer works, it boots, I can operate it, I have 2 monitors. An old 1280x1024 dell from around 2002, and a 4k 40" samsung TV from 2013. The 4k TV is on the nvidia card, and sometimes lights up, but it does not work for any resolutions below 1080p. Luckily I have an old dell plugged into the vga port that mirrors the content of the nvidia card. So I can still drive it until I get far enough along to increase the resolution.

A little hiccup where I needed to drive to best buy to get a $15 USB to ethernet adapter because the 10g ethernet is not supported by windows 11 from May of this year.

Updates installed,
installing basic software

tomorrow I install ubuntu etc.

I mean, OS support for server NICs on non-server OS’s is a pleasant surprise if there.

Also, OS support wise:

Yeah, my last pc was a skylake nuc. That was the hydra, little box in a pile of wires to connect all of the necessary components, including a power supply and gpu to one of the m.2 slots.

The one before that was a dual xeon eatx monster that was 6? years older. Single threaded the skylake was faster, but overall, the dual xeon was faster, but I didn’t have the space for it.

The full tower case with everything inside it is still smaller than 2 shelves on the bookshelf full of components needed to make the nuc useful.

I had all of the parts of providing IT support for a few decades and gave almost all of it away about 5 years ago to a friend of mine who was still in the business. Since then I have re-purchased about $100 worth of cables, but I am thankful to not have to sort through 3 storage bins of aging connectors to find what I needed.

cpu geekbench
Supermicro Super Server - Geekbench
The cpu geekbench actually supprised me. I didn’t expect to get 1980 single threaded with only 3.7ghz.

96GB of ram in 3 slots.

gpu geekbench,

opencl rtx 4070
Supermicro Super Server - Geekbench

Vulcan rtx 4070
Supermicro Super Server - Geekbench


I ran open hardware monitor last night to measure power usage.
on the epyc cpu, the IO module consumes a constant 62 watts. (I am using 3 dimms).

The peak CPU power I consumed yesterday was 72 watts. At a few times I was doing a an automatic1111 batch process, running 3d games, and a web browser. So nothing CPU intensive, but interesting how efficient everything is.

The CPU temp was usually 40C. Once it went up to 42C. After post the CPU fans go from max to near silent. My room isn’t silent, but the computer is nearly inaudible from 6 feet away, or from above the desk while the computer is below the desk.

after using Stable diffusion for a few days, I determined that using a 9GB model, the temp HDD I was using was a bottleneck. Read speeds are around 30MB/sec to 60MB/sec, and the hard drive accesses little files for about 20seconds to 30 seconds before reading the model file for 5 minutes. It then takes about 1 minute to process it before repeating the process. So 6 minutes reading files, 1 minute processing, then 6 minutes reading files, 1 minute processing. This is not an efficient use of resources, so I went looking for a deal on an SSD.

I bought:

$369 6.4TB intel D7-P5600. This is the pcie4x4 high write endurance model for 5 years at 3dwpd. And it was equivalent price of a samsung 980 for the amount of capacity.

I also got the u.2 cable to occulink on the motherboard.

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The only thing I use to in the front of the computer is the power and reset switches. So I got a set of those on a 6 foot cord so that the front of the computer can face the wall.

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I got an occulink to u.2 adapter, but it turns out that i have mcio ports, not occulink ports. Shipping on the right cable is 6 weeks. i got a $20 pcie 4.0 to u.2 adapter card to hold me over. Then i can use it soon.

So I installed the solidigm toolkit (solidigm bought the enterprise drive department from indel starting with this model.), and ran the diagnostic. This drive has 0 powered on hours.