AMD slashing FX CPU prices and adding more models

Could make them a bit more competitive but I think that a lot of people are put off by the high TDPs. Anyone thinking of getting an FX CPU may want to hold off for a while!


AMD releases details on prices and releases new 8370

Well maybe in Europe but those prices are what the parts are retailing for in the States already


I hope they cut the prices in the states too. I could use a secondary system.

The 9590 is already that price on Newegg :(. Agree with what DerKrieger said is true

Those prices are already in effect.

High TDP never bothered me, the power bill didn't go up at all and you just need a decent cooler, well anything but the stock cooler really, even the 212 works great.

Until I see an Impeccable mATX board on the AMD platform i refuse to jump on the AMD CPU ship. I'm Dreading when the Alledged FX-Future CPU's that replace Bulldozer have a good High Performance mATX board. cause i don't like having an ATX board.

What I mean to say is I hope they cut them more :)

Come winter I ofter consider High TDP a feature. helps keep me warm.

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LOL dont buy a CPU in Australia then - the 4820k is cheaper then the 9590, and the 9590 with included cooler is nearly 500 - more than a 4790k, and twice the price of a 4690k

Yea I hear everything in Australia is upside down.


There is nothing interessting on that list.

Still all the same processors FX8350 processors. So 0% improvement in performance. dissapointing. If this is what AMD is going to do, to keep theire AM3+ line alive, then it totaly does not make any sense. Because they are realy falling behind on the enthusiast market now. They cannot stay on this 2012 architecture. Especialy if they wanne keep up with intel in the gaming world.

FX8350 is still a good chip for gaming and productivity, but they realy starting to fall behind now.

Seems like they are really relying on the new architecture that is coming out in late 2015-2016...if they don't execute on that architecture, they are doomed..


i think this is indicative of the low margins catering to the 'gamer' market.

everyone talks about "budget gaming" so AMD is putting out processors that are "Good Enough" for gaming machines.

just look at intel, to make catering to gamers profitable they mark up their chips like crazy.

for the price of a Intel Core i5-4670K Haswell Quad-Core 3.4GHz($235) you can pick up a

AMD FX-9370 Vishera 8-Core 4.4GHz

the reality is that the processor market is heading towards off loading computation to the cloud and power efficiency. and mobile platforms.



yes but amd needs to improve theire current architecture. wenn they wanne stay in the desktop gaming market.

But the only big question will be, what are gaming dev´s going to do. if they all start to optimize theire games to utilize more then 4 Threads, then yeah, things can be very interessting.

think the new 8cores will overclock better since the new FX-8370E will use 95W compared to 125wats of the 8350? maybe now mother boards will be better able to the handle the powerload of an overclock?

AMD is working on a new architecture, ill be waiting for that.

I also wonder if the 8370e overclocks better or with lower voltage, they seem to perform worse in benchmarks suggesting that they need more power to reach clock rate.

Is it actually better binned.