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AMD Security Issues


He really hit a nerve with you people, huh?


A little yeah. I mean, he said a bunch of unsubstantiated shit, and passed it off as fact. That he did it with HTTPS makes it super dangerous.


On their site and the white paper not one mention of Linux.


Interesting to note, but not incriminating in itself.


These vulnerabilities all require some combination of a BIOS flash, admin access, and/or cryptographically signed compromised drivers to exploit. If you have that sort of access you own the device anyway.

I agree with previous posters saying this feels like a coordinated attack on AMD stock.


There is a lot of shit adding up from sudden company, to sudden domains, to sudden youtubes, to white paper and site that don’t include Linux. And check out this legal disclaimer:

So even if our shit is proven all wrong we won’t take it down… or modify it… or do fuck all with it.


Don’t worry, I’ve been all over that disclaimer.


That disclaimer is pretty standard/boilerplate and indicates nothing whatsoever.

Still fishy overall, but the disclaimer ain’t why.


The disclaimer doesn’t help the fishyness… nowhere did I mention that was the only thing, as I posted there is a combination of things that make this fishy including the disclaimer.


Bottom of page, “legal notice” points to here:

Read it, it’s basically the same thing except for the part where they’re going to change it.


Unfortunately for me the hit on amd stock wasn’t big enough… it’s still going but I was expecting a price of 10 not 11.5+


If it was intended to depress their stock, they went about it the wrong way. Immediate disclosure of a half-dozen low-criticality vulnerabilities won’t cut it. What they should have done is spread FUD for a couple weeks, putting up a big scary apocalyptic “coming soon” website, and hinted at oncoming doom widely everywhere.


If ARM counts now, what would have stopped MIPS, PPC, Alpha, SPARC, etc. from counting in the past?


Short sellers.

They made a rookie mistake.
AMD is plagued by day-traders and algorithms who couldn’t give a damn about the fundamentals.

I suspect this backfired because the damn stocks increased.


Its just going up…


We’re likely going to see a lawsuit by AMD and a investigation.




is that a prediction and thats why you are just typing sources or are you using a bot to write posts ?


It’s an informed hint :wink:


I call those predictions. Btw judging by how its going the stock may hit 12.5 soon.