AMD Screen resolution software

I see you already figured it out, but CRU is the utility that I use to set custom resolutions as well as OC my monitor's refresh rate.

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Try creating a custom resolution of 1920 by 1076 (yes 1076 not 1080) and apply, works for me and has for as long as I can remember when using 4K s !
Create custom resolution from AMD control panel , additionnal settingd (opens a second window) in Digital flat-panel, ADD and create, than apply, and VOILA ! :-)

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had you not posted it i would have. i do the same thing for the 3D TV in the living room.

I swear it was one of the most frustrating things ever... because at first when I made a custom it would speech to far still or not go high enough... it's still a bit blurry till I put my glasses on... but only on steam and stuff so

could you elaborate, could not figure out exactly what you mean :'(

:S sadly there is some thing borked with my radeon settings and the see more button that opens up the CCC app for controlling eyefinity and custom resolution is not shown. but if you go to control panel > appearance and personalization > display> screen resolution which looks like this click on advance settings
which will open up another window that should look like this

from there click list all modes. now another window opens up with a list of options to chose from.

now select a screen res that works for you. ( should display up to 4k options if your device is 4k capable) hit ok apply and apply and your done.

What version of CCC ?