AMD Screen resolution software

hi so i am getting a new video card next week and i am changing my res to 1920x1080 but it wont fit on my screen is there any programs that help me set up a higher resoliution to my tv kuz atm im stuck at 1300x780ish

eyefinity is what youre looking for

and thats on the amd software?

it should be. if not you should be able to download it from the website.

yeh for some reason i cant "pre fit" my own custom resolution" and its stuck.... did u wanna skype with me and see?

not particularly.

go to amd's site and support and scan the for gpu then download amd products "eyefinity"

it says my display doesnt support it

i only have a single monitor

yea but eyefinity also lets you change resolution and mess with the screen in all sorts of ways.

oh ok ill have a look later tonight when i mess with things i just think my monitor should beable to do more then this low shit resolution

1) eyefinity is part of amd driver,
2) you may enable vsr, if your gpu supports it and render things on much higher resolutions.

well im getting a r9 390x so.. i should beable to do around 1080p on my current monitor till next month i can get a 1440hopefuly

the driver supports all kinds of


Why do you want to display a higher resolution than your display supports?

I had some old Cannon software that required a minimum of 1080p to even start. Do you have a specific application that requires it?

The limited experience i have with virtual super resolution didn't wow me in games. Looks like a different kind of anti aliasing to me. Hardly exciting. Might be useful for games that don't have reasonable support for less common resolutions I suppose.

I just wanna use my video card to its full potential.. but meh I've given up I'll leave it as is untill I get my new monitor.. I got everything set up to where I want it but the text is blurry... and idk how to fix it

if you choose a resolution that scales better with your monitor's resolution it should help. If you multiply both numbers of your resolution by 1.5, it should be pretty close to 1920x1080 and look a little better

what do u mean by 1.5?

If your screen's native resolution is 1300x780 (which is what you put in your earlier post above), multiply that by 1.5 to get the new resolution. 1300 * 1.5 = 1950 and 780 * 1.5 = 1170. So then you would put 1950x1170 as your new resolution, and it should look better than if you put it to 1920x1080.

well we figurted it out.... i guesss mashing buttons and praying something happens works.... its locked on 1920x1080!