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Finally! Enjoy the article.

I had assumed this as soon as I heard the new consoles will feature X86 architecture.  Still, the issue persists that GUI design and controls are based around using a controller. Look no further than Skyrim to see the clusterfuck that is delivered when consoles are the priority.


I'm just happy we wont be getting poor ports of games designed for 7+ year old hardware, we'll just be getting poor ports of controller schemes.  Until the consoles inevitably fall too far behind and hold back progress once again.

Well aren't we're happy this time, eh?

I actually dont mind controller integration 8 time's out of 10 i am playing my pc on my tv from my sofa (couch) i have a bad back and i have to be at a pc every day to work so when ever i can i like to rest on the sofa and play games in true hi def from my pc (next gen boxes in less than 1080p lols) but what i dont what to see is  the piss poor ports we get.

Playing a game and geting a 720p cut scene realy makes me cringe (go and play borderlands 2 and see the pathetic cut scene's or load up a online game of bf3 and see a tiny small 720p image of the map you are playing in the middle of your screen!

Pc gamers have been under looked and underappreciated for too long.

Actually more than a little bored with 1080p gaming. Time to move on to 1440p or higher.

+1 to that 

Controller integration isn't the problem, it's keyboard and mouse neglect.

It's quite a different story when both are properly supported, but navigation in console based games with a keyboard and mouse can be terribly cumbersome.