AMD S7150(x2) (mini)DP output enabling

Hi! I am currently on a bit of an adventure with a S7150x2 I bought off eBay for my desktop and maybe someone can help me out.

As some of you may or may not know, these cards (and their single GPU counterparts) actually have a single Mini DisplayPort on them, hidden behind the grating of the IO plate! This is my card before I cut the little piece of grating off to show you what I mean:
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the S7150 has a similar full-size port on it (image from TechPowerUp):

Now currently, the port does not totally work. It seems to have power enough to turn a DP hub on, but the system can’t see that it has any output whatsoever, so currently I’m using another GPU to drive my displays. This however is not ideal for a variety of reasons, and I want to use that port! Plus, I’m sure that there are other people who’d like to have those ports working as well and they just haven’t said anything.

My question is: where do I start exactly on getting these ports going? It doesn’t seem that anyone else on the net has had the chance to try their hand at it that I can tell. I’m not sure if the port is just missing supporting hardware or if it’s just disabled in the vBIOS and needs to be turned back on or what. Either way, I’m totally at a loss!

Any help is greatly appreciated :blue_heart:

EDIT: I’m willing to send bare board pictures up by the port if need be. Unrelated to this thread, but I need to get the center heatsink off sometime anyway for some modifications, so just ask.
I’m also willing to send my current vBIOSs if they’re needed (there are two, but they are currently identical)


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