AMD Ryzen RAM erraticness

Hi all,

Im new to the forum but this is my last resort in order to find a solution to my problem.

The problem i have is related to Ryzen and RAM erraticness.

Im running an Ryzen 5 3600 CPU on an Asus ROG Crosshair 7 hero Wifi and its a hit or a miss with RAM stabilities.

My 3200 MHz CL14 G.Skill FlareX kit could do 3800 MHz CL14 easily but my new kit G.Skill 3600CL16, both B-die kits, cannot do it it seems.

This is a bit weird imo as they both are B-die and both “Ryzen optimized” But the FlareX performed much better than the newer Trident Z NEO Kit i own now.

The problem is that when i OC the Trident Z NEO kit to 3800 MHz CL16 i get WHEA correctable or uncorrectable errors in Windows.

I never got this with my FlareX Kit but i don’t own it anymore so i cannot test with it anymore unfortunately.

Here are some screenshots of what i mean.

I hope to find an answer or even better an sollution as i spend lots of time on Ryzen without any good result for long period of time.

What i mean with that is that Ryzen is extremely erratic with Memory and overclocking the cores. One day im stable as a rock and pass anything i throw at it and the other day it won’t even boot…

I was thinking that the PSU was the problem but that would be a little far fetched imo after all.

Plz i can use all the information you can give!

Just because both are B-die does not mean they clock the same, it’s silicone lottery there too, those kits are rated for what is printed on them, anything more is not guranteed to work or work at all.

True but if you cannot clock 200 MHz higher from stock, its not B-die man.
Im in this for a long time and never seen a kit that doesnt clock 200 Mhz minimal over stock.

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