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AMD Ryzen 7 1700 overclocking @ 3812 MT/s


I have OCed my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 cpu (bought Feb 2019 for ~169 €).
I have put it in a Gigabyte GA AX 370 Aorus Gaming K7 (~120 €) .
My DDR4-RAM is G.Skill F4-3600C19-8GVRB (~128 €).
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 (~67€) w/GELID SOLUTIONS Extreme paste.

That I cooled it with a loop watercooler - is my first exp with a watercooler so far.
I am impressed with this build: cool, reasonable silent under full load, feels smooth and slick.
I run Ubuntu/GNU/Linux on it mainly, but have managed to install Win 10 recently after abstinence from MS products for 30 years, now (what a crappy spying out OS, more complicated to install than Ubunt, that I can tell you! Was it not for games, MS Windows OS would disappear).

My best oc-specs:

@ 104.2 MHz (BCLK); 39 x 104.2=4064 MHz (CPU); 36,66 x 104.2=3819 MT/s Cl19 XMP (RAM)
tweaked from optimal defaults @ max=65°C (ambient=22°C)

$ mprime -m (prime95):
Timing trial factoring of M35000011 with 65 bit length factors. Best time: 1.289 ms
Timing 25 iterations of 2048K FFT length. Best time: 2.052 ms., avg time: 1.955 ms
Timing 25 iterations of 4096K FFT length. Best time: 6.256 ms., avg time: 5.992 ms
stresstest: PASS

$ sudo dmidecode --type memory
Speed: 3666 MT/s

$ stressapptest -W -s 7200 # (2h)
Status: PASS