AMD Ryzen 3 3200G found and Ryzen 5 3500U GeekBench results

Leaks are starting to pour out on the internet for the 3000 series APU’s from AMD. The R5 3500U has 4MB’s of L3 cache and 2MB’s of L2. The APU’s are 7nm and have new memory and architectural changes. This may not be a finalized revision. I think they were testing how well the new architecture and memory changes would perform.
I also seen a schematic were they basically doubled the integer and APU pipelines. So this upgrade isn’t a refresh but, more of a whole new subsystem.
You can find more information over at (


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As per Sire Waffles post on how to make a thread, got any more substance to post in the OP? Like where you found information regarding the leak?

Also. I would love a 3000 series desktop APU. Their is a rumor that it will come in 4/6/8 core flavors.

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I was trying to update my posts. Im using a phone to post this information that i just got.
My phone is making it a little difficult to make a post.
Check out some of my others. You will see that there is quite a bit of information.

What’s the source on those images? You re-uploaded them rather than linking to them.

Generally a good thing to give credit to original sources.