AMD RX 480 and AMDGPU status?

So I am going to bite the bullet in the next few weeks. RX480 or stick with Nvidia.

I see lots a people with problems on the net (as expected). I guess happy people dont go online to ask questions. Most date back to June / July however. It Sept now so I would expect that AMD has been improving the AMDGPU driver ? All the docs I can find say the driver is still beta and experimental.

Anyone using the RX480 with native linux steam ? Dual monitor without problems ? Im not getting much confidence in AMD and linux

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I've been considering getting an RX 480 as well. You need to at least be on Linux 4.7.2

AMD kinda screwed up how they've deployed the drivers by timeline, in that they probably should have been working on them sooner so they were more ready by now.

Saying that, the drivers are improving fast. They work well. If i do get the card soon ill report back.

the 4.7.x kernel has improvements for the AMDGPU driver. Considering that the community and Dev's are contributing to it, I would also keep posted on updates for it. I know recently there has been considerable movement for it.

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If i do grab the 480 ill likely drop the Rawhide 4.8 kernel on my system and see how that fairs as well.

As others said. The AMPGPU driver needs 4.7 kernels to get reasonable performance. The AMDGPU-PRO (the one with the proprietary components) on the other hand works with quite good performance for 4.4 and up.

Besides the performance both work fine for me (I have a 470) and with dual monitors. And installation is pretty easy and had no issues (for the PRO). The only issue i encountered was an incompatibility with Cinanmon, although that is a support problem on the Mint side. Should be fixed soon (if not already. Have not checked yet).

And generally the driver improves greatly with every release.

I think most issues came from the fact that AMD is not communication clearly enough what each version does and which one people need according to their distro version and GPU. If you know what you need everything works fine.


It's probably worth noting that the general idea is that the consumer cards will not use the pro drivers, at least from what ive heard, they plan to place most of the code into the open drivers.

I am getting a lot of confidence in AMD by the fact that they are about to bring freesync to Linux. That alone makes pretty clear that AMD does put a lot of effort into the Linux drivers (at least recently).
I'm using the amdgpu driver with mesa on arch with integrated R7 graphics chip since kernel 4.4 and I'm glad there is a lot of progress being made...
I have not tried the PRO driver yet.

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Don´t mind this. Just a post to see when it is "safe" to go 100% Linux.

From what I've heard, the RX 480 on amdgpu is actually quite good. Phoronix has posted some nice benchmarks on their website showing just how much AMD has been improving their drivers lately (They're even bringin Freesync to Linux)

Can confirm most features working with 4.8 - if you have no trouble with the proprietary drivers they offer better performance at the moment. I do not really care since I am not playing many games aside from doing some ps2 emulation, which works fine.
The amdgpu development is doing fine. It was a little rough in the beginning getting things like hdmi audio working on a 380 for me. But its getting better all the time and I am positive they will get to the point where they have working amdgpu drivers right at the release of a new card.