AMD Reunites ATi Into Radeon Technologies Group, Effective Immediately

AnandTech Article
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From AnandTech:

"Today AMD is announcing a significant restructuring, one that in some ways even greater than last year’s business unit reorganization. Taking effect immediately, AMD is bringing the band back together. The company will be reforming a singular, monolithic graphics group – the Radeon Technologies Group – to oversee every aspect of AMD’s graphics efforts. The Radeon group will in turn be led by long-time ATI and AMD graphics guru, Raja Koduri."

Very cool stuff. I'm interested to see if this will get more outside cash-flow into the Radeon name so that AMD can take back some marketshare.

Alternatively it could be that AMD is expecting to reverse their whole market. Making GPUs the biggest part of the company, while lowering x86, embedded and SoCs to lower rungs. I don't believe that's a bad idea, but it could take more time than they have.


the feels are ultra real right about now.

on a sidenote the worst thing AMD did was to continue investing onto the low-end APUs. or just the bulldozer architecture in general. there's a lot of things AMD could do to succeed and save a bit of money.

for example now that ATI is back on the radeon division just get rid of ALL the Non-X cards. stick with X cards for the lineup.

on AMD's end. stick with the A6, A8 and A10 naming scheme for the mainstream market, and let the enthusiast market. have a 6 core, and 8 core and a 12 core for workstations.

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This! I close my eyes and remember my x800xt. My Sapphire 4850's in CF.

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I agree. AMD has since the introduction of multi-core CPUs been the "More cores for less" brand. They really need to keep putting efficient, multi-core performance chips onto the market to undercut Intel in the sub $200 areas. The newer APUs are doing a great job of that, and looking at the reviews for the new Athlon X4s gives an indication of where AMD has a place.

However, I don't think they should reenter the enthusiast market unless they have a distinct advantage over Intel at SOMETHING. Whether that be cache, frequency, efficiency, IPC, or just good ol' solid core count. If they can achieve one or two of those at the same node as Intel, they have a sliver of a chance at retaking a little bit of the enthusiast market.

On the Radeon split, I hope to see more resources diverged. This keeps Radeon under AMDs roof, but now it doesn't have to share the bed and I hope that investors take note and give them a boost.

RTG can hopefully now not be confined by the hole that is x86. At least, I'm remaining hopeful for that...

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From ATi to AMD now RTG?
A split-off from AMD imminent?

This kills the Radeon.

Anandtech isn't working but I read the Forbes article and I'm having some trouble understanding the significance of this.
So this guy is coming back? He already worked there didn't he? They said he worked on the Nano and Fury X? Also from what I read the ATi name isn't coming back (why it even matters IDK. I guess fanboys?).

Seems to me they just reorganized their graphics group and set it up under this guy's leadership. Not really too significant. To me it just appears that in the near future AMD will be splitting its GPU and CPU portions into two separate companies. That or they want their GPU arm out there for future purchasers.

I also ready that a private equity firm just bought 20% of AMD? How does this fit in?

Please someone help this worthless pleb. So confused.

Raja was a big name at ATi for several years. He came back to AMD in 2013 and has been working in the GPU devision, but he is now getting full control.

Nobody has said it would come back. The reason everyone is saying "ATi Reunited" is because they are pulling the integration of the two companies apart, so now the Radeon team can work as their own entity without having to always check in with AMD on every move. They can do what they do best and not have to throw every idea up the chain of command, wasting money and time that they don't have.

Yes, and read the above to see why it's significant.

Not possible. They have split them apart as much as they can without significant outside interest. I'm talking a cash infusion of 3x their current worth.

Nobody has any real information on this, other than that it's happening. My guess is that Silver Lake is funding solely to help accelerate the changes that AMD is making within the company. AMD has always had deep-pocket investors to keep it afloat. They just haven't always needed them this badly.


Alright I understand now.

Thanks for the clarification!

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This, combined with the infusion of private cash, will hopefully put AMD back into the mix for real. Looking forward to the near future!

wouldnt mind a 8 core with hbm cache :) and graphics, in case the gpu died or building ultra small systems

I have been saving money for when AMD drops their new zen CPU's. I am excited about the future of AMD I Hope they can bring back the funk =)

wrong naming of the thread... It should state "ATi Squad reunited in AMD Radeon divison"

What about schools that need to buy 400 new laptops for students and they doesn't have that low end APU choice? Then they will go with mobile i3s and that would be bad.

When i said low end APUs. i meant the under performing APUS. which right now is all of them.

Too bad.

Care to explain which one of them are "under-performing" and how/why?

how dare you call my amd kaveri under performing.