AMD related questions

I can not seem to find a strait answer. Will the new AM3+ FIT into a AM3 socket?  I think you need a bios update, but from what I have seen here and there, physically, The AM3+ processor will fit into a AM3 socket. 

I ask because I have a Sabertooth990fx motherboard that supports AM3. Wonder if I can put a AM3+ processor in it ? 

My next question is, I just put togeher a amd8350 build. Is 60c about the max safe temp you wanna reach on that chip?  Because I THINK 60c was the max safe temp you wanted to keep on the fx 6100. 


Last but not least, The fx 8350 will have liquid cooling. What temp do u sugest I set the cooler to kick in full blast. I am using the Antec Kohler 920. Thank you for your time. 

You're probably not getting a straight answer because you aren't asking a straight question. The Sabertooth 990FX is an AM3+ socket motherboard. Why would you need to know if an AM3+ CPU fits in an AM3 socket when you have an AM3+ socket?

Oh, and yes, an AM3+ CPU will work on an AM3 motherboard, but with updated BIOS support and limited functionality due to different pinnings.

60 is cool and safe. I believe the max is 72, so probably don't want to higher than mid 60's.

No sir, I was unble to google the correct answer because reply's vaired. Some reply's stated, never work. Other reply's may work, and even a few said should work. 

I asked the question because I have a AM3 motherboard. The information I wanted, had a hard time spitting out what I wanted to know, and please explain it to me this way. 

If I am understanding things right, The AMD motherboard have enough pin holes, and placed in way so AMD can add more pins to its CPU without users having to upgrade there motherboard. Is that right??

Because I have seen a few claims of AM3 users putting there CPU on a AM2 motherboard. Just trying to uderstand the whole pin situwaytion, if that makes sense. 


The Sabertooth 990FX is AM3+, I assure you.

The Sabertooth 990FX is an AM3/AM3+ board.

Is the sabertooth 990fx that I got a year ago a AM3+ board?? If it is, I had no idea of that feature. I thank you for point that out. Time to research that. 


The pins are slighty bigger on am3+ and well... I'm not sure put as the pins are smaller they will probably not lock as tight (if it even lock it at all)

"Many motherboard makers claim that their AMD AM3 mainboards are compatible with AM3+ processor by BIOS upgrade. However, this method may be not stable enough to provide a reliable computing, and may result in certain effects."

All 900 series chipsets, including the 990FX are on AM3+ motherboards.

Thank you Ranth. Thats just what I wanted to know. I am sure over time, People will report Success or Failure on the subject of Puttting a am3+ chip IN a am3 only motherboard. Myself, would never do it. you know though, others will try. 

It was just dumb luck that that both my builds will be able to use the AM3+ processor. I had NO idea AMD was getting ready to change there socket set. Whe I put together any buiild, the motherboard is one componet I will never skimp on. Will always go with what I find to be the best. The sabertooth 990 I got for last year's build just happend to have the AM3+ processor in mind. 

It looks the the next generation of AMD will use the the AM3+ socket set.