AMD Rebranding?

Dear Logan and Wendell,

Do you think that AMD is actually re-branding their cards, or do you think(suppose) that future drivers may actually show some performance changes? I think saying that AMD is re-branding as soon as their cards come out, is a bit too quick to judge. Another thing to mention is the 780ti. Do you think NVIDIA released this card just like the titan in case AMD has another card tucked away? Anyways, I love your videos, so please keep up the good work and when is the new album getting released? Also here is a suggestion, when and if the new album comes out, why not have a combo deal for the viewers have not bought the last album.


Well the 9 series of CPUs are overclocked 8 series chips.

And the 270 is an overclocked 7970.

They're using the same GPU, and same shader count. The vrms may be a bit better, but for the most part, its the same hardware.

Both AMD and nVidia rebrand cards all the time, 770=~680, 760=~660 Ti.  It's not really that new or bad, you're pretty much the high-end cards from last gen(which will still perform amazingly for a while) except at a low(ish) cost.


I think you got your cards mixed up.  The 280X is an oveclocked 7970, the 270 is an overclocked 7870.

Look at it from a business standpoint. If AMD spent millions of dollars researching and designing a new architecture for all of their new cards, first off the price would be a lot higher. Secondly, they would be relying on the majority of their market buying their newer, better cards in order to make a profit. How many games can you think of that a 7970 can't play on ultra in 1080p? Not many, and that is where the majority of their market is. Not enough people would buy better cards and they know that. Same goes for Nvidia.

well said!

If you look st the cores and core config and not the clock speeds...

280X -> HD7970

280   -> HD7950

270X -> the core config is the same as the 7870 (1280:80:32) BUT the core is named differently (Curaçao vs. Pitcairn)

270   -> same as the 270X but @ a lower clock and without a 4GB option

260X -> 7790

260   -> 7770

Whoops, yeah. Sorry.