AMD Really need to fire their marketing team

Take a look at this artcle:

Avert your attention to this image specifically:

Now tell me what's wrong with the advertising there?


Gonna guess that the cover for Quantum Break is an Xbone cover is what you're hinting at? lol


too many supertext? with like micron sized text?

Not only is there an Xbox One game cover but the way this is set up completely lacks visual aid which is proven to be better for marketing.

I almost want to say this is fake or third party it sucks so badly


numbers are hard to understand?

Every result has a smaller number way up their. There is a word for that. But I forgot what its called.

There is a distinct lack of visual stimulation. There is nothing in the "ad" that would draw ones attention so it will get lost in the clutter. This looks like a slide in a half-assed presentation made by a sophomore business admin student at a community college.

Another point here is that these games are AMD titles as far as i can tell being that 2 of them actually have AMD branding on them and the other 2 are console games. Additionally, the superscript numbers next to the performance gain percentages and the asterisk where it said "DOUBLE DIGIT*" don't have any explanation to go along with them.

Now... I like AMD, they don't treat their consumers nearly as poorly as other companies who shall not be named. BUT, their marketing as absolute trash. It seems like they aren't eve trying to be successful with their marketing and it is really disheartening because as a whole, AMD is actually pretty good (well as good as a company can be when there has been a disconnect between marketing and engineering for the past 5-7 years or so while simultaneously dealing with being pulled in every direction by a revolving door of CEOs).


i suppose you could argue that the xbone uses AMD graphics. but then again no, just no

they meant windows store closed plafrom fckery is like xbone, so its like a console... same thing really.

Two of the images are posters for one thing. Yeah there's the x-bone cover along with the PC DVD-ROM cover (who even buys those anymore?). The titles are all AMD which is understandable but the percentages make zero sense nor have any real figures.

And has anyone noticed this image looks like a screenshot of a PowerPoint slide or something? :D

Yeah I like AMD. I have an MSI 390 in my main rig and an APU in my server. But their marketing team are taking the company backwards. They wont even talk to people about their products at any of the shows. The conference they did a couple of years ago to announce the 300 series was great but since then, they seem to not even care.

a quick synopsis of AMD marketing as of late:

marketing team: says nothing

consumers: "hype hype hype hype hype!!!!!"

AMD releases a solid product

Unbiased Reviewers: "Meh"

Biased Reviewers cough Linus cough: "Don't buy it, it sucks"

typical consumers: "This sucks!" (didn't live up to hype)

educated consumers: "This is actually pretty solid"

Unfortunately we have too many of the poor elements of that synopsis driving the information being spread. Typical consumers are going to look to their reference groups in order to make their decisions and their reference groups are in the same boat as them. The information they get a hold of is usually misinformation or propaganda spread by fanboys.