AMD Radeon r9 280x outputs only 1080i ([email protected]) on Full HD TV

Im connected yo my PC via HDMI and its only outputting 1080i. I've tried dvi-hdmi and it hasn't helped. Ive also messed with the options in CCC and not much luck there. MY tv is able to support up to 75hz and Im not sure what else to do.

After messing with CCC settings I clicked the option for 720p at 60hz then changed the resolution to 1080p. My screen goes black and when it appears it says 1080p then flashes again back to 1080i.

probably something with the tv i guess. maybe a setting somewhere.

How is the tv configured in windows?

It isnt a problem with the tv its with the amd drivers. If i unistall the drivers my computer is displayed in 1080p, everyone who seems to have this issue says the same thing. 


Some more information might be useful (or might not be, but should be included whenever you're asking for help).  What driver versions have you tried?  What is the make and model of your TV?  The rest of your system specs?

Tv resolutions problems would lead me to believe its the tv. A gpu doesnt spit tv resolutions unless you tell it to.:)~ So operator error or a problem with the tv. double check all settings.

This can be solved in windows. 

Right click the desktop, click "screen resolution".

then click "Advanced settings"

Then go to the "monitor" tab, and change your refresh rate.

This indeed.

Was my next thing to suggest..