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[AMD/RADEON] Navi NextGen™ GPU Rumors & News TINFOIL HAT Edition



So… VII is the most powerful card, whole Navi is a tad under VII but is going directly against NVIDIA while not even VII is a 2080 killer!?

Or is it?

Im so confused…

Prices are looking good but the numbers-naming thing is just wild:



I can see the naming beeing real. Would be the same move AMD did with X370 in competition to Intels naming scheme.

The VRAM makes sense, the TDP would fit console envelope (espeically the 75W part).
Price of an RX 3080… That is about a third of what Vii costs with only a 20% (or less) performance loss.
I don´t see that, AMD would kill Vii for everyone (unless that is the intent. Make everything midrange and have all the Vega chips for server use). Have to think about that.



So the 3080, 70 and 60 get released mid summer then a 3090 gets released later? One rumor has 4 Navi variants 16,12,10,9. The fastest Navi rumor is the 10 with 12 being slower… and the 16 slower then that I guess? That would make Navi 9 a 3090 which competes with 2080 later next year to ensure the VII sells out?

Now if AMD wanted to really troll they could go full NVidia with the 3060 IT, 3070 IT, 3080 IT next year as upgrade models.

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Or in the name of “one more than you” call it “3080V” (Ti, Titanium = element 22, V, Vanadium = element 23 or full troll: Tl (small L) as in Thallium)



That would work… I dunno, I’m a bit underwhelmed. You got the wildly priced VII which seems as a stop gap. Then you have Navi which will no doubt be a massive hit assuming the performance numbers are there especially at those prices. But AMD has to get me off my EVGA FTW3 1080Ti which will include a new monitor (fuck you NVidia, fuck you hard) so it has be a pretty significant performance increase to make it worth it.

This kinda reminds me of Ryzen 1XXX, it came out as a worthy competitor to Intel but still lost in most cases. Ryzen 2XXX is close… real close. Ryzen 3XXX is looking to give AMD its first actual lead over Intel in many cases in a very long time. Navi is 1XXX, it’ll sorta compete with NVidia which if they can capitalize and improve maybe by 2023 they could actually trade blows with NVidia.



The first Navi rumors said it would be console/semi custom only. Then there were rumors that MCM works, but abstraction towards the software/game devs was too much of an obstacle.

The latest rumors after Vega Vii launch were that Navi needed a little more time (AMD learned from Polaris?!) so Vega is a gap filler.

Navi will be interesting. When the highest end Navi trades blows with the RTX 2060 at less price, it is going to be a good card.
I am still trying to fit the push for PCIe4.0 in the picture. I have the suspicion Navi will bring a new generation of crossfire.



I could see Navi 9 being the console chip.

As far as crossfire… if its ever going to work the reliance has to be on the driver implementation versus relying on the game maker to make it happen. That has always been the killer for duel card (or more) setups… lots of work from game maker. If AMD could somehow make an easy button for them it could quite possibly do well in a crossfire configuration.



Not so sure actually. Current consoles idle at 50W and go up to 180 under load. That is enough to power a Ryzen 2400G + SSD and BD drive.
If we say 50W for CPU and 40W for everything else, that still leaves 90W (or 75W with safety) for the GPU. According to the leak, that is Navi 12 “RX 3060”.

Maybe something like the GPU-pool modell from Vulkan or DX12 but on the driver layer.



If they would make it DX11 or 12 I think they would be in business.

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Or port DXVK to windows and include it in their drivers.

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While that is always cool as an idea, until they can make multiple cards appear and function (this being the important part) as one it is not worth it.

If it is invisible but still has the master/slave problems of old where one card still the more work than the other and there was a delay in response it won’t be worth it. In this new world of Freesync all the colours smoothness rules and anything that sets that back will not be accepted. Especially considering that if this is all AMD have to show (very nice don’t get me wrong) there are still single card solutions that will be had for the price and performance of two with no drawbacks.



The Benchmarks will be interesting



That name, card and series, is just odd.



High-End PCB as AMD reference always was.




The Navi GPUs will be designed around 7nm from the start and that would definitely help AMD take full advantage of the 7nm process node.

AMD Navi 7nm GPUs Reportedly Delayed, Mainstream Radeon RX Graphics Cards Now Arriving in October 2019



Apart from the date, that is all in line with other sources.
Vega Vii is just a gap filler.

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and an expensive & rare one, too.

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AMD Navi “Radeon RX 66AF: F1” GPU Performance Benchmarks Leak Out – Faster in Graphics, Slower in Compute Workloads

When it comes to performance results, the first tests are pure graphics where the rumored AMD Navi GPU posts much higher results and performance numbers compared to the Radeon RX 580. This almost matches the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 territory.

In compute benchmarks, however, the card is almost similar to the Radeon RX 580 which is what we had also been expecting since AMD Navi GPUs was tailormade for maximum graphics and gaming performance rather than compute horsepower.



7nm 590 with gddr6

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I suspect this will be really ordinary launch and we continue to wonder whats this next gen 7nm+, which I kinda hope not to be hbm collared raytrace stuff because that would mean that AMD is just following whatever Nvidia is doing