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[AMD/RADEON] Navi NextGen™ GPU Rumors & News TINFOIL HAT Edition


I was hoping for something GPU wise this year. After the mining debacle just the vega cards coming down in price seems like a win.

I get mixed messages about navi is for console and more a polaris (mid range) on 7nm replacement than a Vega killer. AMD said they wanted to be in on high end GPU’s in 2018 with Vega. Nvidia has walked a mile ahead of Vega for ridiculous money, no competition.

You can see the road map was Vega in 2017 only going half way up the high end stack and in 2018 is was to tackle all the Premium and professional. I think mining ruined that plan.



Navi has been designed specifically for the Sony PS5 and the question that I immediately thought was whether this is the GPU that we can expect to see featured – the answer – nope.

The Navi 12 is not going to be the GPU that gets featured in PS5, its a derivative of the actual Navi die and has been created specifically so AMD can get it to market for the PC audience primarily.

AMD Roadmap TLDR as I have heard:

  • Vega 7nm will not be coming to gamers.

  • Navi 12 will be the first Navi part to arrive and will be landing sometime in 1H 2019. Navi 10 has either been scrapped or will follow later sometime in late 2019 or early 2020, depending on a couple of factors. The performance level of this part will be equivalent to Vega and it will be a small GPU based on 7nm.

  • Navi 20 is going to be the true high-end GPU built on the 7nm node and as things stand right now, you are tentatively looking at it landing sometime around late 2020 –

  • Navi will also be the first architecture to transition away from GCN (and along with it, the 4096 SP 64 CU limit that is inherent to the uArch implementation).

As I have previously mentioned the true TITAN-killer from Radeon will not be landing anytime soon – early estimates put the beefy Navi 20 somewhere around 2020 and at this early in the lifecycle, these timelines can vary widely.


Navi being released in 1H 2019 is probably optimistic. No Navi ID’s have been added to the LInux Kernel as of yet. Vega 20, which was just formally announced, first showed up in May, and still doesn’t have a concrete release date. So, following the same timeline, 6 months after the first driver patches start appearing in the Kernel AMD will announce it exists with a release date farther down the road.


Navi was always going to be for consoles and low end PC cards. It is sad but I hope they perform well price / performance.


Imagining HBM/RTX but with chiplets & gddr6




With that established, let’s take a look at the details that this rumor alleges. The source alleges that AMD’s Navi 10 GPU will deliver high-end performance at “surprising” power efficiency. The alleged leaker didn’t provide any more detail regarding power, other than that it will be very frugal.

They also allege that AMD is planning to use Navi 10 to “compete” with NVIDIA’s RTX 2080. Whether that means generally offering a high-end Radeon alternative to NVDIA’s big guns or actually deliver comparable performance to the 2080 is to be seen.


If the price and performance are remotly true, then the power draw won´t matter.


That’s the pickle in the jar.

Im currently eating a gallon of salt, lets see what the numbers say when the cards are out and the benchmarks are finished.


Get ready bois!

kool aid & salt intensifies


aka “2080Ti Killer”

for 699$


I really wonder why they choose to compete at the same price point as Nvidia does.


Don’t know.

Can’t sell it cheaper because they need money.

Or they try to establish that Radeon is as good as GTX because of marketing and money and stuff?

No idea.


Dude, not that long ago it was. If they get it together and stop trying to revolutionize every technology they front and just alternate they could probably pull it off.

Around the GTX 5XX time I would pick AMD hands down for a GPU. Now they just don’t do it for me, always falling short of the checkered flag.


Perhaps they will announce radeon 9 in q2? Keeping up with intel naming scheme?


Could be would be a refresh of the Vega2 aka VII, possible but im not sure how likely.


There’s no more Big-Vega coming.
Radeon VII is going to be the last of it.

Give this a good read and you’ll get the gist of it

Radeon VII is short term ‘filler’ to hold until Navi gets into production. And don’t expect VII in any kind of large volume.


Yeah, well… lets see if we have a refresh of VII. That could happen.

Navi should come mid '19 aka VII. So I don’t think we will see Navi this year or maybe at the end of this year for christmas.

Oh yeah, no way. Announced 9th of January, “Launch” in February, so there will be no cards, I guess maybe you can get one in Q2/Q3 '19.


Going to be snapping up a Radeon VII on release to offload one of my Vega 64s.

Maybe switch my RX480 out for a Navi when that comes out (same PC, intended for VFIO)

I’ll leave the other vega 64 in my TV PC, it’s happily running 4k games at better than console rates there in my old desktop.


I want to but I don’t really need it… Or do I!?

I’m too much AMD Fanboy to make a actual decision on this matter.

But I want one.


I don’t need it, but i do want team red to get back in the game and nvidia have pissed me off far too much in recent years.

A mate is gonna pick up my vega 64 so the changeover price for me shouldn’t be too bad.

I’ve actually been pretty happy with Vega 64 myself. 1080ti may be faster, but fuck nvidia with a rake.

I say that as someone who was NV exclusive between the Riva 128 and the 7xx series.

Riva 128 :smiley: