AMD Radeon HD 6520G graphics?

I'm looking to buy a new laptop by acer that has a AMD Quad Core, 4 gigs of rm 750gig hdd, and AMD Radeon HD 6520G Graphics chipset. I was wondering since I'm not a expert in mobile graphics chipsets, will this be enought to play any of today's games like MW3 or BF3 on at least medium to high settings? I have a desktop that is fully capable at playing these games at highest settings but, I just moved into a smaller place and don't have room to setup my desktop yet. Why i'm looking into getting this laptop for now. Any advice is appriciated, and I'm new hear and my first post.  Thanks for your time. I'd appriciate it.

well whats the exact laptop your looking at, because screen resolution is an issue with fps

What is your budget?

500 bucks and it has a dedicated HD 6650m


which is much better then the 6520. (the laptop i posted can play crysis 2 on 'high' and bf3 on medium)