AMD Radeon 7950 or nVidia GTX 660 Ti [linux!]

So, I have to choose between a GTX 660 Ti and an AMD Radeon 7950. I will use this cards mainly for gaming, but I'm also interested in GPU-accelerated stuff like hash cracking. Also, I will run linux all the way so I was wondering which GPU is the best in my situation. I'll have an i7 3770K as well, and the GPU will be connected to an 2560x1440 display.

Thanks in advance,


660 ti for gpu acceleration. cuda is just so damn fast! ;)

And linux? How will those cards perform under linux while gaming?

Id bet more on then AMD card, i am a bit Bias because i own one (7950) CUDA is good and all but i see open CL becoming big and the AMD cards do that really well, plus overall the 7950 has more power and memory/memory bandwidth.

why not dual boot and use windows on a seperate partition, DirectX 10.X and DirectX 11.1 have better rendering than OpenGL 4.3 anyway, not to mention the much larger software library of windows and better optimized drivers for windows if you choose AMD

the 7950 is much more powerful than the 660Ti, but the linux drivers lag behind, but linux is a poor choice for gaming anyway, no matter how many games steam brings to it

I've been gaming on linux fine for years, and I had no real problems. I usually don't run that much games either, the quite small games library for linux is ok for me. The added efforts of Valve make it even better.

I think I'll go with the nVidia, because of CUDA and their superior Linux support.