AMD Radeon 7750 XFX Core edition RAM Problem

Okay, so I recently got an AMD Radeon 7750 XFX Core Edition, which comes with 2GB of GDDR3 RAM (Link to the page).  I'm able to overclock the core from 800MHz to 900MHz no problem, but the RAM is not overclockable, and is stuck at 667MHz.

When I noticed this, I immediately said, "WTF?"  The card is advertised to have a RAM speed of 1125 MHz (if I'm not mistaken).  Plus, whenever I do try to up the speed in Catalyst Control Center, the Core overclocks fine, but when I overclock the RAM my screens start showing green tears and artifacts before the card ultimately shuts down.  Restarting the computer resets the overclock speed to 667MHz.

I know that DDR stands for double Data Rate, so is the RAM actually performing normally for GDDR3?

Has anybody had this problem or a similar one?

Thanks in advance for any help, guys!

-Corbin Blanchard

The 1125Mhz maybe is the speed under load.  On my 1100 core overclocked 7770 whenever I am not doing something the clock goes down to 300mhz.  See if it goes up when you are playing a game.  Other than this I dont't know what it could be.  Hope it works out

No, I've tried a lot of different games, from Bioshock Infinite to Portal 2.  Nothing brings the clock speed up.  In fact, the RAM clock speed never changes, whether it's under load or not.

I even checked in GPU-Z, and it never changes a single bit.


I'm sorry if bumping this annoys people, but I would really like to fix this problem.  Sorry for being spammy, but hey, gotta do what I (feel like) I gotta do.

it's 1333 ddr3 (yes, it uses standard system type ram) i can't find anything that advertizes memory speed on that card, but that sounds about right