AMD R9 290X Price

So today i was doing my daily news check for the 290X and i happen to roll over some news of the stock price being 730$, this seems a bit odd but it might be true unfortunatly. Whats your guys' thoughts on this? Could this be true??

hope not

I doubt it.

I saw some where that it was going to be 599 but we will see

I'm hoping it is actually around the 599.00 price as stated from many sources... $730.00 will just make me buy a pair of GTX 770's

599 was the price people were hoping for, but I saw no evidence to support it. There is plenty of evidence suggesting prices close to 700. I think it is a fair price.

If people were interested in making an economical choice, they would grab two 7950s, or lower R9 cards.

The current price has yet to be released.

All prices you see for the new cards are place holders, you can see this by even looking at the HTML on the pages. Other pages even has it in bold "The price of this product has yet to be released. The price will be updated on October 11th"

So, in other words, wait a week. Then we will know the prices.

i think it will be 600$ because it wouldnt be a great value and not much people would consider it if its that much pricier

Unfortunately, you're right. Even if it beats a Titan 7 times out of 10 (not at all unreasonable to assume), it has to be priced below the 780, or it won't sell, because Nvidia is the default position for way too many people.

i will probably at the GTX780 price point.

yea im going to say its 780 price or lower for it to reach its maximum potential in the market