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AMD R3 vs R5 integrated gfx: Vega 11 noticeably better than 8?


But you made this thread as to convince yourself that was not the ulterior motive.


you upsold wasting your own money?


That actually makes it worse IMO.


Fucking four dimensional chess right here

Convince someone to spend more of your own money


I guess so! What goof ball.


can we close this now?



If you’ve sold the idea of high refresh rates, the 2nd gen iPad Pros are 120Hz.


Yeah, just get the latest iPad OP. If checking mails is what matters, that does more than enough. Don’t waste time trying to go for broke, because your time is worth more than trying too hard to achieve the golly gee wiz gaymer specs just to browse on the internet. 60hz is what every web content can deliver these days.