AMD R290X: Help setup Eyeinfinity

I have an AMD R290X and I am attempting to setup Eyeinfinity across three monitors.

Setup from left to right:

Monitor 1: 23" DVI

Monitor 2: 24" DVI <--- Is NOT a typo

Monitor 3: 23" HDMI


I by mistakenly purchased a 24" monitor instead of a 23".  I would send it back to newegg, however, I rather not pay a restocking fee.  Once I receive my monitor mount, I don't think the picture will be off by that much due to being able to realign the picture using Eyeinfinity. Anyways onto the issue....

I setup a 3 monitor Eyeinfinity group and the picture is spanned across all three screens. Monitor 1 and 2 have their picture spanned correctly from top to bottom and side to side.  However, Monitor 3s picture is centered in the middle of the screen.  How do I get the picture to fully span from top to bottom and side to side?  Here's a picture instead, if my explanation doesn't make sense :-\

Is it because I am using HDMI? I tried using a Displayport to HDMI but I am still having the same scaling issue. Should I use a Displayport to DVI to fix the scaling issue?

I fixed the issue :-)  I went to Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel) and set the Scaling Options to 0%