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AMD pulls a fast one huh?


I noticed this when I was shopping for a Linux box card in November. They had a bunch of 560’s for $80 to $100 because they were only 896 cores and had 1 fan.

I went with a new 2GB GTX 960 instead because I need something reliable, and the 4GB GTX 1050Ti wasn’t worth the extra money.


Notice how the headlines from various news outlets shape the story and set the readers perception

The power of the media to influence perception is very real

they range from pro, neutral , anti


Okay the AMD page says that, but the problem is that both the 14CU and 16CU card share a page. They shouldn’t share a page, because they should be different models. It should be the RX 560 and the RX 560X. Or the RX 560 and the RX 555. Name the different compute unit cards, different things.


No one’s made a stink about the 1060 3/6GB variants. They share a page too, as well as the 1050/Ti.

For some reason the 1070 Ti gets its own though?

For clarification, I’m not saying it’s right, just that it already has a precedent that no one was complaining about.


I literally did, in my original post, in this topic, address this exact point.

As I’ve already said above, the 1060 3GB and 1060 6GB should be Gtx 1060 and Gtx 1060 “Ti”, as “Ti” indicates better performance whereas a VRAM amount doesn’t necessarily. But, at least Nvidia bothered to include the VRAM amount so that the two cards can be identified from one another just from the names.

The Gtx 1050 and Gtx 1050 Ti have a naming difference. One has “Ti” tacked on, one doesn’t. The point is more about the product name, more than product page.

There isn’t a precedent for two cards having different compute units and the exact, exact same name. The 1060’s at least include the VRAM amount, and also every launch review on the internet that was written responsibly included a note that there was a spec difference between the 3GB and 6GB versions of 1060. AMD did not advertise that this rollout of lower spec’d RX 560’s was happening, and had the tech media not picked up the story, most consumers would have never known that there was a difference, and still it seems unlikely that many people will…


You’re right, and I’d even read it before posting this time but failed to find or remember it. Apologies.

Interestingly enough, this was covered back in July, although apparently no one picked up on it outside of this one website (that I’m aware of):


At this point I’d just lock this thread.

There’s little left to discuss.
The 14CU needs to be equally branded as the RX560 “Low Power Edition” by all vendors.
Similar distinction as with 1050 / 1050 Ti. Except in this case the Low Power Edition is clearly the slower part.

Actually they’re calling it the RX560D. But oh well.



I actually agree with @catsay’s judgement here. I won’t go into other details with why i closed this, otherwise it just starts unnecessary arguments.