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AMD pulls a fast one huh?


That sounds like a vendor applied name. It’s common for some vendors to use their own product line codes and prefixes on the product. RD is the Radeon Shortcode. You will see NV used for Nvidia in other places.


Article version:

I love Steve’s comment of “Don’t throw “Shade” around.”

“They stuffed a bunch of Shade in a Shade cannon and fired it at Nvidia.” XD


Mmmm, alright. But I mean like RD is on the 896 ones, or whatever the number is.


And very close to what I expected has occurred. Some vendors messed up / cheated the product line differentiation. = More profit by selling a cheaper production cost product at the same price as it’s bigger brother with a similar name.


“We introduced the 14CU version this summer to provide AIBs and the market with more RX 500 series options.”

Read: Shift otherwise discarded silicon. Basically what they’re doing with Ryzen, but for GPU Compute Units.

That’s about all anyone will be able to achieve to conclude here.
/end of thread for me.


It should vary by vendor.
It’s basically the product code/name. Stores often enter those direct from the catalog listing.
Essentially what get’s printed on the back of the PCB with underscores and dashes in it as one string.


not what I would expect from the lord of $5 dollar PC parts


30fps is literally unplayable.

Just wanted to say that.

I’m out.



Manage to get a game at medium high to run at 30FPS at 1080p with either of these 560’s. You’ll be hard pressed.


I read this whole thread and you are just an argumentative jerk of a person.

Thought you should know.

30fps is also literally unplayable for me. Idc if settings are low. FPS has to be 45+ or it gives me a mad headache.

That’s all forreal.



I’d be interested to see a game that a 560 couldn’t push above 30, even at low.


What does in before b& mean?


When you give a card the same name as another, and do it far past launch, then you create a situation where consumers can go online and see review upon review talking about the original RX 560, when in reality they may be looking at buying downgraded RX 560. The average consumer isn’t digging into the details comparing, “oh is this the 16CU RX 560 or is this the 14CU RX 560?”

If anyone person buys a 14CU RX 560 having seen reviews of the 16CU RX 560 beating out the Nvidia competition at the equivalent price point, then they will have been deceived, by AMD themselves. Vendors should add 14CU and the stream processor count to their product pages and product boxes, but by naming the 14CU version the same thing as the 16CU version, AMD is at fault for any-misinformed purchases.

In fairness, I would also like to mention something that didn’t get talked about but should’ve. I think it’s also bullshit that Nvidia used Gtx 1060 for both the 3GB and 6GB 1060 skews, because there is a discrepancy in the cuda core count between the 3GB and 6GB versions of the 1060. The 1060 6GB should be the Gtx 1060 Ti and the Gtx 1060 3GB should be the Gtx 1060.


Banned, inb4 banned. Read it out loud kid.


I see computers that look like that on ebay from time to time going for $35-80 when I look for mini desktops and USFF to play around with.


But that one specifically is the cutest machine I have ever seen.

It even beats out the Optiplex SX270


The AMD page for the 560 does say 14/16 CU, 896/1024 Stream Procsessors. I think the main problem is you have to dig to find out what one has what in it. On New Egg and Micro Center the info is easy to find but on amazon or ebay or other sites it isn’t listed or it all gets lumped together so you may or may not get the one you are trying to get.


Don’t like the way the blu-ray on this loads But the Fujitsu esprimo q1500 looks pretty good IMO.


Ew that looks like a real computer.

That toshiba looks like an external CD drive from the 80’s.


Mostly I find the one I linked amusing because it looks like a scanner from the 90’s.


Xd no it looks like an HP DV7