AMD possibly Working on a Gaming Tablet?

AMD may be Possibly working on a Tablet Gaming Device Circulated around Windows. What Does this mean?


Sometime in the Future Gaming on a Tablet Will probably be a "Thing" if something like this Succeeds or if OEMS start to make gaming Tablets with APU's. Its Not Going to Replace a Desktop Gaming Experience at all. Not even Close. but to game on the go without carrying lets say a 5 pound or 7 pound laptop to game for 2 or 3 hours? this may be promising. We've seen this before with Razer's "Razer Edge" gaming Tablet. with the Specs of Incredibly Low-End PC" but as we head to the future do you believe we might be gaming on tablets using a small controller or small carry-on keyboard and mice? instead of laptops?

what are your thoughts on this?


I have to admit, this does look pretty interesting especially because they might use their new APU (which im super excited to see). I feel like this is aimed at the Nvidia Shield(or the EVGA Tegre Note 7) because from what i can think it is the only real gaming tablet/handheld. I would really like to know how they plan to integrate it in with PC's and most of all Mantle. Now my only question is what other companies are backing this up ? Over all i wouldn't mind seeing an AMD "gaming" tablet cause i've been looking for something affordable to play TF2 on-the-go.

We'll have to wait and see. I Don't think they'll be cheap ether. You're still paying for laptop quality specs in a tablet form-factor. it' probably be the price of gaming laptops but it's because it can do more than a normal tablet like, an iPad or Android Tablets are capable of.

AMD might make the APU and chipset or SoC for it, but it will not make a tablet itself, because that would go against the 2009 settlement deal with Intel, that states that Intel can make entire systems, but AMD can't.