Amd "PileDriver" Quad Channel Ram?

Features Of Amd PileDriver Cpu

Am i the only one that expected this out of amd with bulldozer?

Isn't this a little behind?

Well AMD doesn't really have an extreme high end line up like Intel does, so no I didn't expect it.

I doubt Vishera is going to have quad channel DDR3, I just don't see it.

If it does, well then ill buy it. Simple as that.

Well what it really needs is to have lower power consumption and at least outperform SB when overclocked :p

AMD does not need more cores and higher frequencies to beat Intel SB/IB. They need to start from scratch again, and this time need to know the definition of "Perfection" right.

If they're releasing another pile of junk, all my respect toward AMD is gone.

this is old, its wont be quad channel. just normal dual channel.

Quad Channel ram will only show up in the server AMD cpus and the 1090fx chipset will had dual as well but excalibur might have ddr4 and quad (pure speculation! more of a pipe dream.=(   )

No DDR4 RAM until Q4 2013 or 2014.

the excalibur chip has a 2014 release date but knowing amd we wont have ddr4 till am4 sockets AKA in 2015 if were lucky

I highly doubt it. The Piledriver will most likely fail 15% less than the Bulldozer, but it will fail nevertheless. It´s sadening me so say this.