AMD Phenom X6 1600T Overclock 4GHz Stable

Soooo after unlocking the 960T Phenom into a six core processo,r, I was hovering at a 3.5GHz clock speed for a while. I mean, it works, but me being me, I wanted more. So heres to another night of no sleep...bring the snacks?


After a few voltage increases and other things of such, I was finally able to hit the clock speeds you see in the picture. I was thinking " this stable? and what about the temps?" So I poped up a temp monitoring app and ran prime95 x64, and let it stress test; to my suprise, it is stable...


Tempeatures (on air) stay around a solid 42C on prime95 loads, and prime95 was able to keep working for a total of 4 hours. This pleases me. It GREATLY pleases me.

I would try 250x16 and lower the HTT to 8 or 9 (2000, 2250 and leave the CPUNB at 2500, you'll need 1 voltage bump on the CPU-NB

I would test it for at least 12 hours just to make sure it's fully stable. Four hours doesn't necessarily mean anything with Prime 95.

Has been running on the pc since the blog post xD

Will do

OCing the CPU-NB to 2500 will give your L3 cache and memory management a 25% boost, nearly all AMD CPUs can do it so even if you're going for stock speeds becuase of heat you can just lower the CPU multi and adjust the FSB and lower the memory multi, it won't increase temps by much at all

Alright. Ill give it a shot after prime95 finishes in a couple more hours xD Thanks for the tips!