AMD Phenom II X4 965BE 3.4 Ghz (Need Help OC)

Hey guys,

I'm trying to overclock my cpu, but I don't know how to do it. I've looked up some video's on the internet but still isn't very clear. Can you tell me how to do it? Or can you give me your overclock stats, that are stable and I will apply them aswell to my PC. Ofcource I have to pay attention to temprature but it will spare time, alot. But if that isn't possible can you tell me please how to overclock?

My PC:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965BE 3.4 Ghz 

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB

MOBO: ASrock 970 Extreme3


Help is very appreciated! :D

Stabillity and no testing time don't belong in the same sentence.

You could try 4GHz and see if it's stable or not. It should be, at the same multiplier at least. Be advised for:

Different motherboards, that are sensible to different multipliers, some are stable some are not, it's not always the voltages and the temperatures that matter.

Different CPUs, every chip is different, just because it's labeled in a way and has x stepping doesn't mean it likes the standard voltage or is prone to overheating as it's brothers. In theory most if not the whole batch should be nearly the same in resistance to heat. Overclocking sensibillity is another story, you may get only 3.6 GHz, you could blow the roof with 4.2 GHz on air, etc.

Just try little by little steps, check for stabillity, don't go too far if stabillity tests are short or change (don't play only a game and think it will work in every situation, you might've overvolted/undervolted), and by the way, for starters, don't change voltage at all, let it on auto, keep adding on fsb or whatever AMD has or change the multiplier (+).

Good luck! 

Thank you, I don't know anything about overclocking so that's why, I asked those nooby questions. I'm just a bit nervous, it's my first time, that's why. But i'll do what you told and I'll post what I've achieved

I have the same motherboard and cpu let me know how it goes. I'm also new to overclocking, but the good thing is that motherboard with the uefi bios makes o/c very easy. 

I reccomend HWMonitor or speedfan, CPU-Z, prime95 or ORTHOS or something to stress it, a nice long benchmark should be run for at least a few hours after the shorter ones of 10 mins.

One thing most of us can agree on is to not use software to overclock, except for mild ones temporarily, still, it's healthier to use the motherboard's bios.

I managed to get 4 Ghz on air without changing the voltage. Now running prime95 to look if it's stable :D. But temprature seems ok from this point

ye that's the spirit! :)

May you reach new heights in the domain of overclocking.

I see you have decent cooling, you could improve it more with an efficient airflow, (and also room temperature). With things like intake fan front, outtake back, some cases have psu on bottom with exhaust out so fans in back can do their job. Side fans for video card ram and general case temperature, which affects cpu heatsink temperature, I don't reccomend this to the linear airflow i was talking about, but still it's better than nothing (In my case, lol pun, I have a plastic tube that leads from in-out and domes over cpu and ram, and it helps immensly to CPU coolings, I've been running the box intel cooler, the slim little one, and it's doing great even when overclocked. Also I've switched from an exhaust type fan from a HD 3850 (30-40c idle, 60-70 max) to a dual fan card HD 4870 which blows all hot air in my case, and I don't have side fans :( always at 60c idle 76 max), but I'm happy with it :)

just reached 4.3Ghz, I have my own cooling XD, I live in Canada in the rocky mountains and it's always cold here, never higher then 10 degrees. So I have a tube coming from outside leading into my pc case. Cooling the whole pc. I did put in some filters for extra safety :D But now I'm at 4.3Ghz at 30 degrees and when stressed 43. I don't know if it makes a difference but it just looks awsome :D

okay at 4.4Ghz it crashes, I'll leave it at 4.3Ghz and let Prime95 do his work. I might change the voltage later but I think 4.3Ghz is enough for now. :D

I was about to suggest just what you have, since it's winter. Lucky you I guess, If you don't like the cold let's switch places.

4.3 is high enough, maybe you could go as high as 4.5 with a little voltage tweak. More depends on motherboard. Good job!