AMD Phenom II X3 705e Still a bit costly?

   Was just looking at the Phenom II x3 (at the time of this post $169) The FX-8320 and FX-8350 $140 and $180 respectively. From what I can see, Fewer cores, lower per-core clock speed, and 2Mb less L3 Cache than the 8320. Unless they are charging for the cross-platform thing, I see no other reason that it should be that high. are they still trying to squeeze money out of AM2+ users?   just curious if anyone might have insight on this Or explain why this chip is worth its weight in methril.


they may have cost that much new, all the cheap stuff got sold off so all you'll find is the ridiculous priced stuff that never sold

overlordnick nails it, its just them selling it more then its worth. Specs wise that's how technology advances.

Cost per performance gets better.

Yeah the price of the phenoms was inflated from the release of bulldozer! Phenoms are more powerful than any of the 4 core steamrollers AMD has by an embarrassing margin. My X4 965 4.2 GHZ cinebench 4.53 while a10 7850k @4.5 GHZ get 4.26. Think about when the phenom II came out(2008) and kaveri (2014) so 6 year difference, lower performance and ipc. If you look at the cache benchmarks phenom II still beats all modern AMD cpus. So that's why they fired their old team and got Jim keller, and now you know why their in a hurry to make a new architecture. 

awesome, Thanks

Just buy a 8320 or 8350, much better CPU's. No point buying that Phenom.