Amd Phenom II? Worth it?

hello i was just wondering if thamd phenom II X4 965 is still a viable option for gamin. I mean; is it worth it to get or should i think about something  newer for more? Reviews on newegg are pretty good and if it is a good option whats a cheap am3 mobo that can help get a decent overclock (must have rev3 sata 6gps.) i want to know if it can go great with 100 dollar ssd, 20 dollar case, 80 dollar psu and 200 dollar graphics card

thanks for the help

All depends on your budget, if you can stretch for an FX-6300, then do it..If not, then the Phenom II 965 is a perfectly viable option.

if you are at that budget just forget the SSD, has no effect on in game performance

get rid of the SSD and phenom and get the 6300

SSD + PhenomII is far better than a standard HDD and a 6300. The 965 is no slouch and can power far more than a mere 200 dollar GPU.

ya its 2013, its the time that even budget rigs should have an ssd. also i wouldnt just be gaming i would be using alot of light applications and i want it to be fast and speedy. especially with boot times

there is really no need for a SSD at all unless having to wait 2 seconds longer for boot times or 0.2seconds when opening programs bothers you

i guess this is turning into /buildapc now

The Phenom II X4 965 is still a viable option, but it's a waste of money in the long run, imo. The FX-6300 doesn't cost that much more, and it's much faster. I would recommend saving the extra couple of bucks for the FX-6300.