AMD Phenom II 955 black edition

Where is a good reliable place i can buy one of these because they seem to be sold out wherever i look?

Tigerdirect, newegg, microcenter, ebay, maybe amazon? most of these are going to either have ones that are left over or are going to be selling refurb. ones because that chip is complete phased out. 

I would personally look at the FX-6300 series of processors. The Phenom is incredibly dated at this point and lacks alot of modern instructions sets allowing more efficient processing.

The Phenom (no matter how good a chip it was) performance has been surpassed. Both in single threaded and multithreaded applications.

An FX-6300 seems to be around the same price as the few remaining Phenoms you will find and has the percs of 2 additional cores and the benefits listed above.

Is that chip compatable with an ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX Micro ATX  AM3+ Motherboard??

Yup. The Fx series chips also use the AM3+ socket, just like the phenom II.

The Phenom II was AM3, but is compatable in AM3+....xD

FX 6300 is only 119.99 bro, and can be combo'd on newegg with things like HDDs or GPUs