AMD PC Upgrade Suggestions?

I have a pc with the following specs.... and have around 350 dollars to upgrade.


-Amd fx 6300

-Asus M5A97 r2 motherboard

- hyper 212 evo cpu cooler

-Fractal core 3000 case

- Seagate barracuda 2 tb

- Corsair builder series cx 600 power supply.

- AMD Radeon 7850 2gb 

- 8 gb of crucial balistix tactical. 


I am looking for the most performance possible out of this cheap build.

Any hardware suggestions???? I'd do this. I would step up the graphics to an R9 280. That'd majorly increase your graphical power. Then, I'd step up your motherboard to a Asus 990fx pro 2.0, so that when you have some money you can upgrade to a Fx 8350 or Fx 8320. The pro will also give you some more headroom to push your 6300. 

most definitely will pick up the 990 fx motherboard, haven't really made up my mind about a r9 280 

I'd really stretch and get the R9 280x   

would it be better to get the r9 280 x without the mobo or get the 280 with the 990 fx mobo?

with a 6300... get the GPU...